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Bookmarking Service Clipix Helps You Organize Online Content


If your memory is as bad as mine, you’re likely to be using some sort of organizer – whether a physical version or a digital one – to help keep track of your life. I’m a huge fan of Evernote – in fact I also use its Smart Notebook – but there are many options out there both paid and free that you can opt for to manage the nitty-gritties in your life.

One of the newer options is digital content organizer Clipix, a free online bookmarking service that combines the effectiveness of Evernote with the visual appeal of Pinterest.  The service essentially provides users with a private cloud-based location to easily store and organize all of their digital content in an unlimited number of customized ‘Clipboards’, letting you clip links, photos and videos, emails, as well as upload any kind of file from your phone or computer. An interesting feature? The “Price Drop Alert”, which notifies a user if the price of a retail item that was previously clip is reduced.

First launched in May 2012, the clipping of emails is a recently added function that came from rising user demand from users in 148 countries. ““Over the past nine months the Clipix team has developed a number of unique solutions for users who need a tool to help them be organized online and easily collaborate with others as needed,” says Oded Berkowitz, founder and CEO of Fort Lee, New Jersey-based Clipix.

“Many of our users requested the ability to clip emails just as simply as they can clip links, videos, documents and photos. The new feature solves a problem most individuals face each day, and saving emails in a safe location is as easy as forwarding it to a private Clipix folder.”

Clipix is available for the web as well as for iOS and Android devices.


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