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Schoola.com – When Groupbuying Goes To School


Move over, bake sale, here’s a new way for schools to organize fundraisers – Schoola (http://www.schoola.com) is in town.

Created by Savvy Source, an online resource for parents on preschools, educational activities, camps and more, Schoola is an online fundraising platform that schools can use to create a group-buying experience while partnering with merchants in a local community. Think of it as a Groupon-type program for education, by giving parents, Parent Teacher Associations, Parent Teacher Organizations and supporters of education a way to partner with local businesses and raise money.

Schoola lets such school supporters work with supportive merchants in their community to create deals that people would love. The site will host and facilitate the fundraiser online, giving them the tools to share it with everyone in the community, while Schoola handles the purchases, fulfillment, and sending checks to merchants and schools.

“At a time when schools are struggling with funding, shutting down, and battling major budget cuts, Schoola provides a fundraising fix,” says Stacey Boyd, CEO and founder of Savvy Source.

“The beauty of the program is it’s a win-win for local businesses too.”