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NextAdvisor.com Reviews Online Services For Consumers And Businesses


If you’re a small business owner and you’re looking to contract a certain type of service, the tendency is to go online and Google for relevant service providers. You may also decide to trawl relevant forums to see what kind of reviews and feedback have been provided by other business owners who have used the service. But that takes time. Plenty of time. Time which you, as a busy entrepreneur, is not likely to have.

And then there’s NextAdvisor.com (http://www.nextadvisor.com/) – it’s a site that provides independent reviews of online services with the aim of helping consumers and small businesses save money through making better buying decisions on those services. The service offers useful comparisons and reviews of service providers and a clear explanation of each service and how it works. Online services currently reviewed that are applicable to small businesses include credit services, identity theft protection, VoIP (Voice over IP) services, online backup, Internet security software, internet fax and web hosting, but there are also consumer focused ones such as online dating, dieting plans and such.

One of the latest categories launched is on email marketing, focusing on reviews and comparisons of email marketing services available to businesses, so companies intending to use this mode of reaching out to their consumers can understand which services would work best for them.

“The ability to design emails and track their reception with an email marketing service is much more beneficial than using a traditional email browser,” asserts NextAdvisor.com‘s President, Erik Larson. “These services offer a variety of different tools that can really help grow your business and reach out to your readers.”

“Whether you’re looking for the service with the best email design tools, or the one that allows the highest subscriber list, it is important to know which service will give you the best value for your needs,” Larson adds.



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