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CallingCube – A Business Card In A New Dimension


We all know the value of a good business card – it’s still one of the best tools for networking and marketing. But the business card has been around for over 100 years and it’s seen little innovation aside from the use of uncommon materials such as aluminum or plastic, or the implementation of QR codes to redirect recipients to an online webpage.

But here’s a new take on the business card – CallingCube is a 3D version in the shape of a cube. A standard custom set, including free design and free shipping within the United States, provides you with 80 little cubes that you can give to clients and peers.The cubes feature indented prints – which gives it a more premium look and feel, and you can choose from around 10 base colors.

It’s rather pricy at US$299 for the set,  and certainly doesn’t fit in any standard business card holder. If the CallingCube is the brainchild of three Ohio-based friends whose idea was to reinvent the traditional business card, I’ll let you decide if they’ve succeeded.