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Build Entrepreneurship Communities With Crowd Valley

Entrepreneurship communities and crowdfunding platforms designed to support entrepreneurs are popping up left, right, and center all around the world. This is a good sign. What may not be ideal, however, is that there’s much diffusion in the tools and platforms being used to connect entrepreneurs and that can create separate ecosystems that don’t talk to one another.

That’s a problem Crowd Valley is looking to solve. It aims to provide infrastructure to easily create a startup and investment community and running it effectively with powerful tools, with the possibility to connect and partner with other communities and build ecosystems locally and all over the world. An ecosystem partner – a startup accelerator, for example – looking for a way to build a startup community or leverage on the new emerging startup crowdfunding market is likely to find Crowd Valley useful.

Crowd Valley, part of the Grow VC Group, recently launched with over 300 customers, such as angel networks, universities, crowdfunding platforms, events organizers, incubators and accelerators, after more than one year of beta testing.


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