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[US] Small Business Advocacy Council Launches Crowdfunding Platform


Crowdfunding is a new way of funding startups and small businesses, and Chicago, Illinois-based Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC) is getting into the act by starting its own crowdfunding platform SBAC Connects.

SBAC Connects is a member-only program that utilize the group’s extensive network to assist in funding small to mid-size projects and sources for debt financing, equity partners and educational events to help their business grow. Funding sources include crowdfunding, or from traditional sources such as banks, debt and equity.

“Small business owners encounter so many road blocks in obtaining the capital they need to invest in their communities and hire new employees that they have become cynical about the whole process,” says Steve Jaffe, owner of eDot and Chair of the SBAC Connects committee that developed and launched the program.

“SBAC Connects provides valuable resources to SBAC members to grow their businesses, and we are excited about the incredible opportunities this program provides to the small business community.”


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