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Eat24.com’s iPhone App Lets You Food Order From… Anywhere, Really.


Hungry but too lazy to go out to grab a meal? And if you’re even lazier, you can even order takeout without even getting off your couch –  Eat24.com, a web and mobile food delivery and takeout platform, has an iPhone app that lets you to search, find and order from over 20,000 interactive restaurant menus in more than 750 cities nationwide.

The app lets you sort by cuisine type, restaurant or even a specific dish. The app will remember your preferences such as restaurants, payment information and even past orders for easy re-ordering. And if you get stuck, a 24/7 live chat and order status support – via push and SMS notifications, for example – makes sure you get your orders with minimal fuss.

“Our app is designed to put our top-notch customer service in your pants,” says Eat24.com co-founder Nadav Sharon. “We’re excited that users can now place their food delivery order while commuting, so dinner is waiting when they get home, or use ‘Current Location’ to order takeout nearby.”

“We know that over 80% of our users check their order status from a mobile device,” Nadav adds. “We don’t know if they’re in a cab, passed out on the couch or even wearing clothes. But everyone wants to know when their food will arrive, which is why our live chat support is one of our most popular features. We had to ensure this functionality was built-in to our app.”

The app is available now for free at the Apple App Store.

Founded in 2008, Eat24.com is a privately-held company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area.