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A Rewarding Career Path: Taking Charge Of A Non-Profit Organization


by Jason Lynch

When people think about careers, managing a non-profit organization typically isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. It’s not a prestigious option; while it’s a major asset on a resume, working for a non-profit organization almost inevitably means taking a pay cut. For some people, this kind of work isn’t enough of an asset to inflate their future wages and make up for lost pay.

However, few careers are as fulfilling as non-profit work, and there are plenty of reasons to consider it over other options.

Non-profit Organizations Value Making a Difference Over Everything Else

Far too many jobs in the corporate world involve acting like a machine. The company exists only to increase the numbers on its various accounts. There may be goals beyond that, and of course everyone has their own reasons for working in the corporate world, but the strong emphasis on the bottom line can take the soul out of it.

Non-profits have to worry about maintaining funding, but it’s a fundamentally different process than pushing numbers higher for the sake of personal or corporate gain. Non-profits have to put helping people above everything else, and that makes for a much healthier and saner work environment.

Managers Make the Difference

Organizations don’t simply put themselves in order, and that’s especially true for non-profit entities. The way that they manage both funds and people is far more important that it is even within a typical business organization. Typical businesses can always come up with new ways to increase their profits, and while non-profit organizations have to do the same when it comes to increasing their funding, they’re likely to experience ups and downs that surpass the usual ebb and flow of the business world.

It’s an incredibly challenging occupation, and that makes it all the more rewarding when things go well.

Managers Can Help Get Youth Involved

One of the most important aspects of any organization is bringing fresh blood into the mix. Generation Y has a very different set of expectations than the baby boomers, and organizations that want to remain viable need to find new ways of doing things. Young workers want easy access to senior management, and they expect to play an integral role even if it’s only a small one.

Managers can not only help to facilitate clearer communication between the top and bottom ranks of their organizations, they can utilize each worker’s talents in a way that makes them feel like they’re doing something important.


Every person wonders what he will be remembered for, and no one wants to leave the planet without changing it for the better. Working within non-profit organizations is one way to do that, and taking positions within them can also carve a path for certain individuals to take on bigger world-changing roles. Not only is management within the non-profit sphere incredibly fulfilling in itself, it’s a key element to any long-term and big-scale progress on an individual and a societal level.

The world needs more people who are willing to till those shoes, and many of the movers and shakers in the field today got their start as non-profit managers.


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Jason Lynch is a full-time writer for higher education blogs and journals. If you’re interested in public service, several schools offer MPA degrees, including onlinempa.usfca.edu and www.northwestern.edu.


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