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7 Apps For The Mobile Businessman


by Ronnie Chapman

Cell phones have come a long way in recent years. Now almost everyone has a smart phone; phones can do so much more than in the past. It is now at the point that having a cell phone is hard to avoid. With the global economy and travel, the businessman needs his phone to do a lot. That is why apps are even more important for businessmen.

Here are the top seven apps every mobile businessman needs:


For anyone who travels regularly, Flightrack is a must. This app keeps track of flights all over the world. A great advantage of this app is that it notifies the user if any flight that he or she, is watching gets delayed. Flightrack is allows a lot of customization and is easy to use for anyone, no matter the technology level. Flightrack is essential for anyone who fly’s a lot.

Document Scanner Pro

For the businessman on the go, it is impossible to carry a lot of paperwork. With Document Scanner Pro, the user scans all their documents and uploads onto the phone. The program saves the documents in PDF format, where they can be easily accessed. This works great for the businessman who is traveling to multiple destinations. This app is easy to use on the road, expense reports can be filed out before the traveler arrives home. Anyone who travels for business needs Document Scanner Pro.


Phones are cumbersome to jot down small bits of information. This is where Evernote comes in to make the job easier. Evernote turns a smart phone into a notepad. This program makes it much easier to jot down information quickly, it even offers an option to use voice recording. Evernote is convenient for anyone looking to avoid carrying pens and paper. This app is terrific for anyone who travels for business and attends a lot of meetings.


This app can ensure that the businessman will not get lost on the way to an important meeting. Anyone taking public transportation needs this app. HopStop provides detailed options and information for public transportation. Whether traveling by bus, subway, taxi, or walking, this app will get you all the details. Anyone who uses public transportation in a large city knows how powerful this app is. HopStop is a must for business travelers who want to be on time, whether for meetings or presentations.


With this app, the user can make free calls to other users with Skype. Anyone wanting to keep in touch with family back home needs Skype. As long as the other use has Skype, one can instant message and participate in video voice calls. Skype is easy to use and runs smoothly over 3G, though for best performance find a WIFI hotspot. Anyone looking to stay in touch needs Skype.


Anyone who needs access to files from anywhere needs Dropbox. This app enables users to access files no matter where they are. This is a powerful cloud app for anyone who values security. Dropbox is a must for any businessman who needs quick and secure access to their files.

Remember the Milk

For a small business owner, this app can be a lifesaver. Remember the milk organizes tasks for the future. This app will alert the user when they fail to complete tasks, and even uses GPS to alert the user when they are near a location that they need to complete a business task.

There are hundreds of business apps to choose. No matter what the businessman seeks, they will find what they need. This is just a small list of outstanding apps that are available for any businessman on the go.

Ronnie Chapman writes about business, finance and more at http://creditreport.org.