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[Infographic] Young Professionals And Risky Tech Behavior


You may think that this new generation is all computer-smart and Internet-savvy, but the truth is that we all indulge in quite a bit of risky tech behavior when it comes to using tech devices.

Yes, we’re actually pretty bad with security and password management. Too many of us let others use our computers unsupervised, don’t change passwords often enough, and access unauthorized – and potentially compromised – wireless networks (probably because it’s free).

And do you know, in Spain, about 26-percent of you actually keep your password on a post-it note left on your desk? Tsk.

The problem with this is that it can lead us to a world of Internet hurt. Here’s an infographic that shows what kind of risky tech behavior many of us are prone to, as compared to those from other countries:

Young Professionals & Risky Tech Behavior

[Via: BackgroundCheck.org]


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