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[Infographic] Mobile Loyalty – The CardStar Experience


Most of us agree that the mobile phone will increasingly play an important role in a customers’ purchasing behavior. Whether they use the mobile phone to research for products, locate dealers, find special deals, pay for something through a payment application, or even shopping on the phone itself, small business owners need to consider how they can connect with this new generation customer.

And how about “mobile loyalty”? Mobile loyalty solution CardStar by Constant Contact has 2.5m users on its network who manage their loyalty, rewards and membership cards digitally. And that usage, according to CardStar, is growing. And with Apple’s recent announcement of Passbook, which is a new app on its just-announced iOS 6, mobile loyalty is set to explode as a trend. And which will have a tremendous impact on small business marketing.

Here’s an infographic to show CardStar‘s experience in mobile loyalty, and how the impending Passbook by Apple can continue to grow this space: