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25 Important Pinterest Tips For Your Career


We’ve all heard about LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook’s career power, but have you thought about what Pinterest could do for you? The social pinboard is an incredible resource not just for job seekers, but workers at every stage of their career, offering resources, connections, and a great platform for getting the word out. We’ve shared 25 tips that will help you make the most of the social sharing service, and maybe even make it possible to find a job or land a promotion.

  1. You can turn an entire board into a resume.

    Jeanne Hwang really wants to work for Pinterest, so she created a board that offers links, photos, and facts that back up why she is such a great choice for the company. Although this is perfectly suited to attracting Pinterest, it’s a great idea for anyone wanting to back up their resume with a little social proof.

  2. And don’t forget to pin your actual resume.

    Gathering great clips and images is effective, but don’t forget to pin your resume too!

  3. Pinterest is an incredible collaboration resource.

    Careers that depend on visual information like designers, educators, and photographers can greatly benefit from collaboration and idea sharing through Pinterest.

  4. Create a reading list.

    Let others know that you’re serious and knowledgeable about your work by creating a reading list of the professional and personal books that you’ve read or plan to read.

  5. Follow your college’s career office.

    Stay up-to-date on the latest resources and news available to you as a student by following your college’s career office.

  6. Build an extensive portfolio.

    Share examples of your work, professional references, testimonials, and more to show off what you can do through Pinterest.

  7. Remember to create a robust profile.

    Although your pins are a great way to showcase your personal brand, it sure helps to have an extensive profile as well. Be sure to share a quick note about who you are, what you love, and fill out all of your relevant links to direct visitors to more places where they can learn about you.

  8. Don’t forget to share your Pinterest link.

    Make sure employers have easy access to check out your Pinterest, finding your resume, portfolio, interests, and more. Just include a link in your cover letter, resume, and anywhere else that’s relevant for you.

  9. Follow career boards.

    Career-centric Pinterest accounts like Brazen Careerist are great for finding humor, great ideas, and even companies that are currently on the hunt for new talent.

  10. Plan your next interview outfit.

    Pinterest is full of fashion inspiration, and professional attire is a major focus. Research and create a board to figure out what you should wear to your interview, or just to your next day at work.

  11. Browse available jobs.

    Some employers offer boards that highlight positions that they have available, creating boards for departments and the jobs that are open within them.

  12. Check out potential employers.

    Very often, large employers can be found on Pinterest, and even smaller companies are getting on the site, too. Find out what the culture is like and what they think is cool by following the Pinterest accounts of employers you may be interested in.

  13. Don’t abandon your account.

    As with all social media accounts, it’s important to keep going. Once you’ve set up your initial account and collection of pins, don’t stop there! Keep pinning great resources, photos, and ideas so that you’re sharing a continual stream of personal branding.

  14. Build relationships.

    Use Pinterest to build relationships within your network, and branch out beyond who you know. Find others with similar interests and take part in Pinterest communities.

  15. Highlight your accomplishments.

    Go beyond your typical resume or portfolio by providing social proof. Show photos of yourself receiving awards, delivering a presentation, or participating in an important project.

  16. Remember your manners.

    Pinterest is all about sharing great content, and content tends to have an original creator or owner. Be sure to give credit where credit is due, highlighting the source of your original pin.

  17. Get a Pinteresting job.

    There are several careers that are perfectly suited for people who love using Pinterest. Photographers, wedding designers, social media managers, and more use and frequently benefit from the site.

  18. Show what you’re interested in.

    Create boards that showcase your professional interests. Doing so will indicate to employers that you’re not only engaged in your interests, but well informed, too.

  19. Follow trends.

    Stay on top of articles, infographics, and cool new ideas in your area of interest. This can not only help you develop your career, but also find great new ways to impress prospective employers.

  20. Stay current.

    Remember that each board will put your most recent pins on top, so the last thing you upload is going to be noticed first. Upload strategically, keeping your most important pins current.

  21. Use creative board names and descriptions.

    Board names and descriptions represent a great opportunity for not just branding, but effective SEO. Highlight the keywords you really want to be found for by remembering to make them a part of your names and descriptions.

  22. Remember to stay professional.

    We all think of Facebook and Twitter as places where prospective employees get busted for inappropriate comments or racy photos, but Pinterest is fair game, too. Be careful about what you choose to share on Pinterest.

  23. Support your favorite charity.

    Show others what is important to you by highlighting your favorite non-profit or charity, as well as their important causes.

  24. Get inspired.

    Whether you’re finding career resources or getting connected, Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration. Get motivation, great ideas, and resources for feeling good on the site.

  25. Create pinnable content.

    If you really want to spread your brand with the help of Pinterest, create eye-catching, highly useful content that users can’t help but pin.


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