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Yahoo! Launches Mobile Video, Smart And Targeted Ads Across Southeast Asia


As the mobile revolution continues unabated, digital media company Yahoo! last week launched a new series of mobile advertising products in its Southeast Asian markets targeted at helping businesses reach their consumers via the device they’re almost always embracing.

Southeast Asia has been seeing massive uptake and usage of mobile devices – Singapore alone is one of the most wired countries with a smartphone penetration of over 70% – it certainly makes sense for Yahoo! to leverage on this trend. The company unveiled three products – Mobile Video Ads, Smart Ads and Targeted Ads – that bring tailored, targeted and interactive rich media ads to mobile devices.

Here’s more on the new products:

Clickable Mobile Video Ads: Marketers can reach a mobile audience through new ad units include screen takeover, expandable and iPad tap-to-video ads. Clickable video ads have user cues that overlay an ad and encourage consumers to interact, including a click-to-site call to action that drives direct response performance. Clickable video ads play pre- or post-roll within the video player window. They can outperform traditional video ads by 3:1.

Smart Ads: Yahoo! Smart Ads can optimize ads for each user so that marketers can drive awareness to conversion. Yahoo!’s Smart Ads technology delivers the right messages and products to the right audience at the right time. 

Targeted Ads: Yahoo!’s proprietary targeting algorithms help advertisers reach audiences based on interest and content consumed within Yahoo! across PCs and mobile devices.

“We want to push the boundaries of mobile and video advertising by extending the real-time interactive experiences and delivering ads that are fun and compelling for both users and advertisers,” says Fai Keung Ng, Yahoo!‘s Head of Sales Strategy, Southeast Asia.

Mobile video ads, Smart Ads and audience segmented Targeted Ads have been launched in Singapore and will be carried across the Southeast Asian markets of Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam in the coming months.


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