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TalentSplash.com, Your Virtual Talent Manager


If you’re a musician, actor, songwriter or any other kind of creative talent (yes, even comedians), you’re probably painfully aware of getting booked for work (even if you, like, really really good at what you do). This being the case, you may want to check TalentSplash (www.talentsplash.com) – it’s a talent network that aims to help you launch and build your professional career.

Launched in Fall 2011, TalentSplash brings together talent and those who need such talent. For talent providers, there’s a suite of tools necessary to help talents manage their careers; for those looking for talent, an advanced search engine helps you filter and identify the exact talents that you want. Its online marketplace allows bands to uncover local opportunities, actors and models to find casting calls, clowns to perform at local birthday parties, and more.

TalentSplash actually doesn’t look to manage, book or represent artists. Instead the company works with record labels, talent agencies, live venues, comedy clubs, performing arts schools, film academies, studios, and workshops to ensure sufficient work for its talent pool.

TalentSplash is founded by Joshua S. Garay, who holds an MBA from CUNY Baruch and earned his baccalaureate at George Washington University in Washington D.C. Garay abandoned a career in real estate to help others build their dreams – and especially because he himself had nursed childhood dreams of becoming a star on the big screen.

“I wanted to pursue a more meaningful life,” admits Garay. “As a lifelong fan of talent and entertainment, I wanted to help people live their own dreams and get their voices out.”


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