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Facebook Rearranges Pages For Businesses And Organizations

Late last year social networking giant Facebook introduced Facebook Timeline, changing the way people used Facebook in a more chronological order. It was a sign of things to come; earlier today the company announced a new design for Pages, which closely resembles Timeline.

The new Pages are touted by the company to be more personalized, with the new cover photo and timeline letting businesses and organizations better express their identity and story. New features like pinned posts help to keep important stories at the top of a Page timeline for up to seven days, while the new admin panel makes it easy for Page administrators to track their performance and to respond to private messages from people.

Perhaps more interestingly, the company is also introducing ‘Offers’, a free and easy way for businesses to share special discounts and promotions to their community through Facebook. Offers let a business share a discount or promotion directly from a Facebook Page. They can be distributed through the News Feed or promoted as Sponsored Stories. People can redeem Offers via email or on a mobile device.

Not that this will stop some people who manage Pages from complaining – a close friend who works in digital media saw the announcement and promptly posted on Facebook, “Shit.”

But if you manage Pages and are affected by the changes, offers some advice on how to manage the transition (less painfully).



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