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LoveChirp.com – Because Cheesy Sweet Nothings Can Sell


Some ideas that come out of Startup Weekends answer real-world needs. Plenty are fun. Some are just weird.

Let’s take LoveChirp.com, for example. It’s a new startup idea created and developed just this weekend at Startup Weekend Athens that lets you create funny, sexy, or romantic Valentine’s Day messages – timely too, considering the date is just round the corner – and if other users use your message to send to their loved ones, you’ll make money too. Yup – if you’re too lazy to think up of cheesy sweet nothings to impress your mate, be assured someone else has already thought of it. So why not use it?

The service even lets you send the message via email or phone in almost any language – not surprising, considering that the idea for LoveChirp.com came from a multinational team comprised of the founders of real-time, on-demand interpretation startup Babelverse.com.

“Now, no matter what language barriers there may be between you and your sweetheart, there is a fun new way to connect on this very sexy holiday,” says French co-founder Mayel de Borniol, who also co-founded Babelverse.com. “LoveChirp allows you to give your lover something that’s unique and that they have never received before. It also allows content creators to get paid for the Cupid’s arrows they so craftily create.”

There’s crowdsourced celebrity impersonations – so you can have Johnny Depp help you ask that lovely tech princess out on a date.

Check out some of the chirps here.

So… real world need, fun or weird? I’ll leave you to decide.