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FitDesk Pedal Desk – Exercise While You Work


Screw ergonomics – the latest trend in work or office equipment could be one that also keeps you fit and healthy. Enter the FitDesk Pedal Desk, a unique stationary exercise bike that also combines a uniquely-designed desktop for your laptop, so you can work (or play) and exercise at the same time. The patent-pending FitDesk Pedal Desk not only offers a firm grip for your laptop, but also provides a convenient arm rest for upper body support (crucial for “long bike rides”).

FitDesk inventor Steve Ferrusi stumbled upon the idea for the product as he was preparing to ride 100 miles on his bicycle as part of a leukemia fund-raiser. “With the event date coming closer every week I was not getting in many rides, explains Ferrusi.

“However I was spending lots of time on my new computer planning business ideas, reading emails, etc… then I had my invention AHA! moment and the FitDesk Pedal Desk was born.”

For those who already have their own indoor stationary exercise bike, the company’s other product FitDesk PRO, is a separate desk module that can be attached to your existing bike.

Say hello to long commutes.


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