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[Infographic] Small Business And Marketing


When you’re a small business and marketing budgets are pitiful, options can be limited. Most small business owners tend to look towards leveraging the power of social media and online marketing to generate sales leads.

Here’s an interesting infographic from the folks at Submit Graphics made for SEO.com that looks at how small business owners approach online and social media marketing. Some interesting statistics thrown up:

– Around 63-percent of small businesses believe social media can help increase customer loyalty; just 5-percent believe social media has hurt their image,

– Only 38-percent of small businesses currently, or intend to, use online advertising; 56-percent aren’t interested at all, and

– About 40-percent of them already use mobile marketing tactics (a trend we’ll see increase a lot more this year).

Check out the infographic:

Small Business and Marketing - Infographic


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