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Divalicious Puts A Shopping Mall In Your Hand


If you can’t enough of shopping, there are always online shopping sites to get your fix. But if even those cannot satisfy you, you may want to look at Divalicious, a mobile application that aims to put a full shopping mall experience in your hand for shopping on-the-go.

Through the app, you get access to close to a million items of clothing, shoes and beauty products from over 300 retailers. A “Dress Yourself” feature even allows you to upload your own picture and superimpose selected images to get an idea of how you’d look, or use a standard virtual mannequin to pick out a suitable outfit. Items are not just limited fashion either – there are home decor items as well as stuff for children.

“We took the application one step further than other mobile shopping applications,” says Andrew Weyrich, CEO, Weyrich Enterprises, which developed Divalicious.  “By allowing the shopper to upload an image of themselves, they become their own virtual mannequin, on which to assemble outfits that they feel confident in purchasing.” Serial entrepreneur Weyrich has started three Internet companies and three mobile app companies since the age of 22, and recently sold a Catholic Dating service he owned and operated in 2007 to a competitor.

“With this application, you no longer have to go to the stores to see what you would look like with a dress from BCBG, shoes from DSW and a handbag from Saks. The clothes are all in one place, not in three different stores,” adds Rich Kessler, the company’s CTO. Other functions include wish lists, as well as social sharing via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Divalicious is available on iOS devices and can be found in the app stores for the following countries: USA, Japan, China, Korea, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Spain, Germany and France.