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[Video] Musicians And Entrepreneurs, By Derek Sivers


From James Woo, soft.com.sg

Here’s a video of a presentation given during MusicCamp SG earlier this year by serial (music) entrepreneur Derek Sivers entitled “Musicians and Entrepreneurs”, held at The Pigeonhole Cafe (editor: which we happened to have featured before). Best known for founding CD Baby, Sivers – who spoke before at TED – shares his experiences as a musician and music entrepreneur:

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  1. Musicians pretty much have to be entrepreneurs too. It’s the only hope they have of making a life out of their craft without having someone else’s thumb on their neck stiffing their potential for creative expression. 

    • Yes they have to, although I’d have to say not all are. A musician can only be an entrepreneur if he/she applies himself/herself beyond creation of music and into distribution and promotion as well.

      Otherwise they’d just be a craftsman…

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