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Baking For Good With A Passion




As a child, Baking For Good (www.bakingforgood.com)  founder Emily Dubner developed a love for baking after spent countless memorable hours helping her mother and grandmother in the kitchen.  Young Emily’s favorite baked treat was the sugar cookie; she would bake batches of the sweet treats, carefully decorating them before giving them to her classmates in second grade. As a teen, Emily continued to refine her kaing recipes; she also frequently organized bake sales to help raise money for the school orchestra, cross-country team and even the parent teacher organization (PTO). In college, her dorm mates became happy recipients of her kitchen experiments.

So it wasn’t all that surprising that Emily Dubner would finally end up pursuing her first love – baking. Over her time in Harvard University and in management consultant job at New York’s Katzenbach Partners, she gained inspiration from her peers who had started their entrepreneurial journeys. Even as a child, she displayed an early entrepreneurial spirit through small-scale business ventures such as designing and selling friendship bracelets and personalized canvas tote bags. She finally decided to quit her job and turn her favorite hobby into a business, launching Baking For Good in September 2009.

Combining Passion, Business And a Social Mission

Emily Dubner, founder of Baking For Good.

New York-based Baking For Good is an online bakery with a social mission – it is based around the idea of a bake sale, selling fresh all-natural baked goods such as brownies, cookies and other treats – as well as dairy-free and gluten-free products – and donating 15 percent of every purchase to a non-profit or community fundraiser of the customer’s choice (they also have the option to choose a new cause during checkout). There’s also customized gift boxes for special occasions. Each purchase is baked to order using organic, local and seasonal ingredients, wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, and delivered to any doorstep in the U.S. Since it started, Baking For Good has raised and donated tens of thousands of dollars to over 200 national non-profit and local community fundraising partners.

At Baking For Good, “a little sugar goes a long way”. It’s sometime hard to imagine combining passion, a social consciousness along with a business, but Emily has shown it can be done with her entrepreneurial venture.

Maybe one day, you can too.



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