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This Week in Asia Episode 67: Top 50 Apps in Asia


While the Apple keynote with new iPod designs flood the web-tech space, the TWIA crew are inundated with news from the upcoming conference Accelerate (organized by E27, SingTel & Neoteny Labs) where the names of the top 50 apps are announced. Also, the crew discussed TechCrunch-Fusion Garage lawsuit, the Blackberry battle with governments, Koprol TV ad, Social Networks & 3G in India and many other issues that come online. In our studio, we have a special guest, April Yim (@aprilyim) from September Socials to tell us about her social media project in crowdsourcing dates and also with Chew Lin starting the equivalent in Singapore.

  • The aftermath of Steve Jobs Apple Keynote on 1 Sep 2010: Asia’s response to the new products rolling out – iOS 4.1 and apps, iPod upgrades for Shuffle, Nano and Touch, iTunes 10 and their social network for music, Ping and Apple TV. We also review how well Asia received the keynote via the web during the event.
  • Panel discussion on Twitter and Gree Japan: The panel discuss the difference between Twitter Japan and elsewhere and also some thoughts about the Twitter and Gree Japan on how the outside engages Japanese.
  • Social Networks & Mobile 3G in India: Google Orkut and Facebook are battling out for the users. The panel discuss the SMS type services that are similar to Twitter, for example, GupShup and how 3G is starting out in India. They also compare to the markets in Indonesia and India.
  • Blackberry and India Government: Is the Domino effect with different governments demanding local servers and capability of monitoring happening?
  • Top 50 Apps in Asia for Accelerate: We got the final 50 apps for the coming conference Accelerate organized by E27, Neoteny Labs & SingTel on 22-23 Sep 2010.
  • The premlinary rulings for Fusion Garage & TechCrunch have been released. We examine the implications of the ruling for the whole event.
  • Koprol and TV Ads: Smithy shares how Koprol’s TV ad in Indonesia have worked for them.
  • September Socials with April Yim & Chew Lin: We got April Yim and Chew Lin on their project – a crowdsourcing platform to find dates in Asia. So, we hear from them how the whole thing came about and how it works.

This article was first posted at ThisWeekInAsia, a podcast that caters to what’s the hot and interesting news dominating the web and tech landscape in Asia, and a Young Upstarts content syndication partner.

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    I love the podcast but wonder why you never touch on Thailand. Sure it isn’t a major start-up market but the chaos with the derailment of the country’s 3G process is surely worthy of mention?



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