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We’d Love To Hear From You…


It seems strange, but sometimes people do say no when I ask to interview them.

Here are some of the reasons they give:

1. “We’re not ready yet”.

Fair enough – some entrepreneurs are at a stage where they are unable to benefit from exposure. Or they rather not alert their competition. Or they really do have nothing to talk about as yet.

2. “I’m too shy”.

Shy? Why are you then running a business? Be bold, and share your story. There’s someone out there who can learn and benefit from you. Entrepreneurs have the ability to change the world, and so they should.

3. “We don’t need publicity”.

Hmmm ok. You don’t need customers?

4. “I have nothing to offer”.

You have more to offer than most people. You have drive, passion for your ideas, and a go-getting attitude.

5. “I need more experience!”.

Of course you do. Don’t we all?