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Implementing Inventory Management Software Into Your Wholesale Business


Inventory control

Used device inventory management for a wholesale business can be challenging. However, there are solutions that optimize the process while giving you detailed analytics. These insights can later be used to improve your business processes by making more informed decisions.

If you are interested in how to implement these inventory management solutions into your business and make the most out of it, keep reading!

How to Choose the Inventory Management System

Although choosing inventory management software will take some time, this decision is critical as it significantly influences your overall success. Here are the business’s unique needs that you definitely need to consider before signing up for an inventory solution:

  • the size and complexity of the inventory;
  • the need for real-time tracking and reporting;
  • system integration;
  • compliance with industry-specific regulations.

Besides these factors, you should also assess the software’s scalability and its capacity to adapt to your business’s growth. By carefully considering these aspects and comparing the most popular inventory management software solutions, you can select the right software to streamline your inventory management processes.

How to Implement the Solution into Your Wholesale Business

After considering the points mentioned above, look for software solutions that are adapted for your industry. For refurbished mobile phone wholesalers, that means the ability of the system to track device characteristics, the integration of other software solutions for the used device business, and sales analytics.

The Perfect Inventory Management Software.

The NSYS Inventory is the first warehouse management system for the used device industry. It ensures your stock is perfectly arranged for business scaling without any shortages or losses.

The NSYS Inventory has all the needed special features:

  • IMEI-tracking
  • Multiple Warehouses Management
  • ESN Checks & NSYS Diagnostics Integrated
  • User Accountability & Permissions Control
  • Built-In RMA functionality

Try the NSYS Inventory to scale up your business!