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How Often Should You Clean Your Office Space?


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There’s a lot that goes into ensuring your office or workplace is a happy, healthy, and productive environment. While you can easily focus on teamwork, morale, and other aspects, you should consider everyday issues, such as hygiene.

The importance of ensuring your workplace is tidy can’t be ignored. A clean office space promotes productivity, reduces absenteeism, and boosts concentration.

However, how often should you clean your office space?

Regular Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

Unfortunately, there is no set number of times or duration for cleaning your office space. Different offices have varying cleaning requirements. However, you should follow the standard regulations that guide regular and deep office cleaning.

Regular office cleaning is the frequent cleaning tasks done by staff members daily, weekly, or monthly. Regular cleaning includes simple tasks, such as wiping tables, clearing garbage, dusting surfaces, and light vacuuming. These simple tasks aim at ensuring the workplace is tidy and appealing.

As for the frequency of regular cleaning, it primarily depends on the specific task. For instance, garbage should be disposed of at least once weekly or sooner if the bin is full. On the other hand, you should wipe your office desks weekly.

That said, deep cleaning refers to intensive cleaning practices that often require help from office cleaning professionals with the right equipment. Common deep cleaning services include floor cleaning, changing air filters, cleaning upholstery, and rug care. Deep office cleaning improves the health and safety of your employees.

Without deep cleaning, mold, germs, and bacteria can slowly infest your office, causing illnesses. However, since it is more thorough than regular cleaning, it shouldn’t be done frequently. Workspaces should be deep cleaned at least twice yearly.

How Often Should You Schedule Commercial Cleaning Services?

As mentioned, you should schedule deep cleaning services at least twice annually. However, several factors influence the frequency of deep cleaning your office space. For instance, rarely occupied office spaces don’t need regular cleaning like office spaces with heavy foot traffic. Other questions to ask yourself when determining the cleaning frequency include:

Do You Share the Office Building with Other Businesses?

Shared offices mean more employees and foot traffic coming into your office building. As such, regular cleaning should be done weekly, if not daily. However, this depends on the type of business you share the office space with. For instance, you’ll need to clean your office space frequently if you are sharing the building with a doctor’s office.

The Number of Employees.

The number of workers in the building also influences cleaning frequency. Offices with hundreds of employees should schedule commercial cleaning services frequently. The higher the number of employees, the dirtier the office becomes. You should schedule deep cleaning at least once monthly.

Type of Business.

You should schedule regular deep cleaning if you are running a restaurant or any business that requires high-level hygiene. Industrial businesses with few employees and visitors don’t need daily cleaning.


The importance of office cleanliness goes beyond meeting sanitation standards. Cleanliness in office spaces affects employee performance and productivity. Apart from regular and deep cleaning, you should also practice maintenance cleaning. This essentially involves cleaning glass mirrors and windows, dusting walls, and wiping down appliances.


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