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How An Online Course Helped Me Realise My Dream Of Being A Technopreneur


by Minna Lim, founder of LOVPIPO 

We are all on our phones all the time, either on one app or another. So, I got an idea to create my own app but I didn’t have expertise, skills or the necessary funds to make the app a reality.

Luckily, I stumbled across Angela Yu’s app development course and I started from the basic “Hello World” course. I took Python programming, Flutter app development, IOS app development and UX design fundamentals. I learned everything I needed to know to create an app from scratch. These newly acquired skills and knowledge gave me confidence to pursue my app development dreams.

I am very active on dating apps, and that’s how I found several dating Apps to be lacking – either by design or in its security.

The primary focus with Lovpipo is nurturing meaningful connections between people, and this is done by encouraging real-life dating experiences rather than endless swiping.

My Tech-Entrepreneur Dreams Realised in Lovpipo

Lovpipo is a dating app that sets itself apart from other dating apps by providing free paid features that are normally charged by other dating apps. Lovpipo believes in offering users exceptional value for every dollar they spend.

While there’s an element of swiping, the relationship management software is also our “heart-ware” – combining technology with a human element.

The Lovpipo app offers 3 key functions to elevate the human experience:

  1. Match Us Now – this feature allows users to find potential matches, based on listed preferences and start a conversation immediately.
  2. Invitation – users can use this feature to invite all their preferred matches to date. The fastest responder gets the date.
  3. Engage in a relationship – this feature allows for couples who dated on Lovpipo to plan their future together. Lovpipo rewards them for their relationship milestones such as marriage, and other anniversaries.

In an upcoming development, we’ll introduce a Lovpipo robot on the app to assist users with account registration, schedule dates with their preferred users and create topics in chat rooms.

Always have belief in yourself

I graduated with a degree in Food Science and had a job in sales. I had never worked in the tech industry nor in creating an app. These are not what you often hear about technology entrepreneurs!

When I got divorced, I was 37, a mother of three with not much savings, and absolutely no household help. My family and friends thought I was a dreamer when I quit my job to focus on building Lovpipo. However, I believed in my Lovpipo app concept and believed that I could persuade investors to invest in it. And so, I did.

Believe in yourself and don’t let “common sense” like lack of experience or working just to “pay the bills” get in the way of pursuing your dreams and passions.

Be open about learning new things – especially about yourself

On the tech journey, I spent nine months working without a salary before I met my investors and pitched my Lovpipo app.

I also spend a lot of time reading books. It allows me to connect with my inner self, and gain a deeper understanding of my purpose in life. It’s given me a sense of calm and inner confidence because now I know who I am, where I’m headed and how I’ll get there.

In developing any app, you’re bound to face difficulties. Whenever I face challenges, I remind myself to trust the universe and be grateful for what I have. I believe that everything is arranged for me, and I just have to go with the flow.

My advice to other aspiring female entrepreneurs

There were so many things I have learnt and I am still learning on this entrepreneurship journey.

1. Give yourself more time to achieve your goal realistically.

I spent nine months without salary before I got investors for Lovpipo. These things don’t happen overnight.

2. Listen with an Open Mind.

This is crucial because the advice others give you, can prepare you for potential opportunities that come your way. These opportunities could lead to a significant breakthrough in your career or journey to being an entrepreneur.

3. Know Your “Why”.

I was a single mother of three. My reason for exploring the tech industry is because I believed in my idea for Lovpipo. I also believe that a job in tech would help me provide better opportunities for my children. This, coupled with my passion for the app I was going to build, pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and boldly explore opportunities in the tech industry.


Minna Lim

Minna Lim, founder of relationship management software LOVPIPO, is a new entrepreneur exploring the mobile app service business.