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Visual Styles To Use In Animated Videos For Tech Marketing


Animation and videos are the tools people use widely in their marketing campaigns, and when they combine in a single piece – the efficiency of delivering a message skyrockets. But there are still too many points to consider before using the animation video. What are they, and how choosing the right approach can change your marketing drastically?

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Does it matter which style to use for an animation video?

Animation video is called to use a visual aid to deliver some informative message, whether it’s about explaining the process, delivering statistics, or introducing a new feature. Using audio-visual means we aim to make our message the clearest possible. When the info and the associations that this info calls in people match, the content reaches the highest point of memorability. 

What styles are popular to use nowadays?

The following styles are the most required in today’s tech context:

  • minimalistic and flat design features clean lines, simple shapes, and a focus on functionality. It suits well to tech-related content;
  • 3D animation adds depth and realism to the visuals, which is indispensable in demonstrating product designs, architectural concepts, or complex technical processes;
  • the isometric design presents objects and scenes in a 3D-like perspective but with all lines parallel and equal lengths, which is great for a clear demonstration of projects and interfaces;
  • kinetic typography combines moving text with dynamic animations which can be an additional explanatory means to delivering the info
  • data visualization turns complex numbers and charts into visually appealing and easily understandable graphics;
  • retro futurism draws inspiration from past visions of the future, creating a blend of nostalgia and innovation, which is a good style to present your vision of a classic concept reconsidered;
  • hand-drawn illustrations give your videos a unique and artistic touch;
  • particle effects and motion graphics add energy and excitement to your videos while used to visualize abstract concepts, transitions, or emphasize movement within a tech product;
  • whiteboard animation simulates the process of sketching on a whiteboard and is great for explaining processes, concepts, and ideas in an engaging way creating a classroom vibe.
  • glossy and modern design employs sleek and polished visuals, often featuring gradients, reflections, and glass-like elements which create a high-tech and futuristic appearance;
  • the typography-centric design uses text as a backbone element, so layouts, fonts, and animations of the text are principal to convey messages;
  • mixed media combines different elements in a comprehensive system that serves to deliver the message in the most effective way possible (it’s perfect for ideas that suggest demonstrating the information aspects variously).

Some of them are more specific, others – more universal, so the choice depends on your brand and goal. 

Choosing the style is very creative yet very responsible for the entire video’s success. If you’re confused about which to prefer, connect with a professional to advise you. Contact MezzoLab for a careful consultation and customized approach, and get the best result possible!