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What Is A Portable Office And When Do You Need One


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Portable offices are mobile fixtures that serve as temporary offices and can be easily moved upon project completion or if your space needs change. They’re preferred over constructed office structures for short-term use because they’re affordable, easy to deploy, and flexible. Also, they can be specially designed and equipped with furniture solutions to provide a safe, functional, and comfortable working environment. 

These offices come in various sizes, types, and styles. The common types include single, double-wide, multi-complex, and portable office containers. The double-wide and multi-complex designs are more spacious and can be used for office space and storage.   

With that in mind, here are some instances when you’ll need a portable office:

If Your Job Necessitates Constant Office Relocation.

Some jobs, such as in the field of construction, require constant office relocation since you can get projects in different geographical areas. Therefore, your crew must move from one location to another and will need an on-site office to lay out plans, have morning meetings, or enjoy a quick coffee and lunch break. 

And since brick-and-mortar buildings are impossible to move, the ideal solution, in this case, is to use a portable office structure. It can easily be transported to the project site, installed, or securely connected to existing utilities. You can easily remove and transport it to the next construction site when the project is completed.

Notably, when choosing the type of portable fixture for a construction site, it’s best to go for highly durable solutions like shipping container offices. They have a high level of structural integrity and are impact-resistant. Therefore, they can withstand significant wear and tear or harsh environmental conditions. 

Luckily, there are reputable companies that offer shipping container sales and hires. Therefore, you can purchase or rent a used shipping container from such providers and convert it into a convenient office space. Also, you can customize it to suit your office needs. For example, you can add windows, doors, insulation, heating and air conditioning, partitions, and shelving to make the space more functional.

When You Have A Temporary Need For Extra Office Space.

As your business expands, the workload increases; as a result, you may have to recruit more workers. In that case, you’ll require additional office space to accommodate the new staff. Constructing a permanent office structure may take time and is costly, so you need to think of a solution that won’t break the bank.

Therefore, it’s best to get a portable office building that your workers can use temporarily. Fortunately, you can transform it into a functional area once your platform is constructed. For example, you can use it for storage or as a recreation area. 

Additionally, if you operate a healthcare facility, you may require extra office spaces due to emergency circumstances. For example, if there’s a disease outbreak, the hospital can be at full capacity, and you may need additional space for staff and patients or to distribute emergency supplies. In that case, you can install non-permanent mobile offices to house your staff and accommodate more patients. You can remove them when emergency response efforts are no longer required.

When Your Offices Are Under Renovation.

Your office spaces may need renovations or upgrades from time to time. And as they happen, work must continue, so you and your workers will require functional office spaces to use temporarily.

Fortunately, you can hire or buy a portable office and customize it to suit your needs. For example, you can equip it with furniture solutions, add wood siding, or use dividers to create separate areas for individual tasks and collaborations. Also, you can add other essential items like laptops, printers, and shredders to enable your team to perform their duties more efficiently.

If You Need A Temporary Office Solution For Remote Work.

Some jobs may require workers to be away from the main office for days or weeks to work on specific tasks. During this time, they’ll need an on-site office to conduct meetings, review plans, or sort out documents. An on-site portable office is ideal for such remote work.

The following are examples of remote jobs that may require a portable office structure:

  • Short-term sales work: Sometimes, your sales team may need to move from one location to another to promote products or services to potential customers. A portable office can be the ideal short-term sales office in such situations. And since the office must represent your brand, you can customize it to achieve localization. For instance, you can decorate the interior and exterior with your company products and include your logo. 
  • Research: If you’re operating a research agency, your staff may need to conduct activities such as data collection in remote areas. This might require setting up temporary offices near research sites, which can be used to perform various tasks like reviewing data collected from the field. In this case, the most affordable and easiest-to-implement solution is to purchase or rent a portable office building.  

Also, if you have a charitable organization, you can utilize portable offices to carry out your missions in remote communities. For example, they can serve as areas where you distribute donations and other supplies to the locals.


Portable offices allow businesses to cut costs and avoid constructing physical buildings when it’s unnecessary. Fortunately, they’re flexible designs that are easy to install and transport. The above are situations where you may require a portable office solution. Most importantly, research a reputable company that charges considerable prices or flexible leases on portable offices.