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Streaming Automotive Advertising: Why Should Automotive Dealers Opt For It?


Automotive dealers have come a long way since their early days as simple salesmen. Today, they’re very much the experts in their field – and they’re working hard to stay ahead of the curve. But there are still some things that have remained constant over time: namely, dealerships need customers. And with more customers comes more revenue.

So how can dealers do more business or increase dealership visits? Streaming automotive advertising allows them to connect with potential clients faster and at lower costs than traditional ads. It also helps increase visitation rates and provides an interactive experience for viewers compared to print or digital ads.

Here are four key benefits of streaming automotive advertising:

1. Helps dealers reach target audiences faster.

By harnessing the power of streaming automotive advertising, you can reach target audiences more effectively and with less effort than ever before. With streaming automotive advertising, you can quickly get the message to a broader audience and help boost your overall sales and profits.

Streaming automotive advertising allows you to reach more people with a single ad than ever. The advantage is that you can quickly get the message out about your products and services.

2. Helps save on advertising costs.

One of the top benefits of streaming automotive advertising is that it helps you save on advertising costs. Traditional forms of automotive advertising can be costly, with many dealers spending thousands of dollars per month on TV spots and magazine ads.

The average cost of an auto dealership’s advertisement is $1,471 per month. By comparison, streaming automotive advertising can cost as little as $300/month or less, depending on the number and length of your ads.

Getting a chance to save money means focusing on other marketing activities, such as email marketing campaigns or print promotions, without increasing the overall amount spent on advertising.

3. It boosts dealership visits.

When you advertise on a streaming automotive platform, there is a higher chance that your ads will be seen by consumers interested in the product. Dealerships find they can generate more consumer visits to their location via streaming advertisements.

Streaming ads are also mobile-friendly. Therefore they have increased efficiency in generating visits through mobile devices. In addition, these ads do not require any download or installation of any software, making them much easier to view while using a smartphone or tablet.

4. More engaging and interactive than traditional ads.

Streaming automotive advertising is more engaging and interactive than traditional ads. Viewers can interact with the ad by clicking on a button or watching it in full-screen mode. As a result, they can get a detailed description of the product they want to purchase or learn more about.

Sometimes, the ad can make way for direct intervention in your entire sales process. In turn, this can lead to sales leads for dealerships – which is always great news for businesses.

Final Words

In summary, streaming automotive advertising has significant benefits for dealerships. This strategy allows dealerships to reach targeted audiences faster and at a lower cost while increasing in-store foot traffic.

These unconventional ads engage viewers more by providing interactive experiences where consumers can see the product in action without having to make a trip to the dealership.



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