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The Dos And Don’ts Of Planning A Safe And Fun New Year’s Celebration


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Ring in the New Year with a celebration that is both safe and fun! Here are some tips on how to plan a large-scale New Year’s event that is open to the public, so that everyone has a great time.

These tips, courtesy of SRP Hire Solutions, will ensure everything is covered ready for the big night! 

  1. Do hire a professional event management company. They will know how to handle all the details of putting on a large scale event, and they will ensure that everything goes smoothly.
  2. Don’t forget about safety. Make sure that you have plenty of security personnel on hand, as well as fire extinguishers and other emergency supplies.
  3. Do consider renting facilities for visitors to make use of. This will give your guests plenty of space to celebrate, and it will also make things easier for you in terms of logistics. These facilities, such as temporary toilets and generators means all guests will be catered for and will allow you to put on an unforgettable New Year’s party without any hiccups. 
  4. Don’t overcrowd the space. This  could be dangerous, and it could also ruin the event. Be sure to limit the number of tickets you sell for your event. Although it would be great to have hundreds of local people welcoming 2023 together in the same space, this could become an incredibly chaotic and uncontrollable situation. Having numbers planned beforehand allows you to determine how to budget for other areas of the event, such as the catering. 
  5. Do plan ahead. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get everything organised, as well as a contingency plan in case something goes wrong.
  6. Don’t forget to check with local authorities for any additional regulations regarding sound levels or other restrictions. The local council may need to provide additional facilities such as temporary fencing and perimeter security solutions. 
  7. Do have plenty of fun activities for everyone to enjoy. It doesn’t have to be complicated – it could simply be a live band, fireworks or an open mic night! Be sure your entertainment can span the entirety of the night, so guests do not become bored or move onto other local events. 

It’s also important to consider the demographic of your guests, particularly if there will be young children, so that the entertainment is appropriate for all ages. 

Planning a New Year’s event that is both safe and enjoyable is possible if you plan ahead and are aware of all the factors that may affect your event.

With these simple tips and tricks, you can plan a safe and fun New Year’s event that everyone will enjoy.