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Office Supplies Every Startup Needs


Business owners would often curate a list of all the things they need before finally moving into their new office. No matter what industry your business belongs in, there are common office supplies that every startup business should have. If you’re searching for the ultimate office supplies checklist, you’ve landed on the right page. 

Startup offices must perform different tasks requiring tools, stationery, equipment, and office furniture. These are essential items that make work easier and make your employees happy and productive. This diverse list includes office essentials you need to invest in, from paper and computers to industrial adhesives and work desks.  

Get your office properly stocked and ready for operations by preparing the following office supplies that every startup business needs: 

General Office Supplies.

You’ll need to use office supplies when it comes to a physical office outlet. These are the basics that are essential for every office. Despite the many benefits of technology today, there still are times when using and storing hard copies of documents is necessary. 

Some of the popular writing items among office professionals are pens, markers, pencils, papers, notebooks, and so on. Other stationery items are also vital, like glues, industrial adhesives, tapes, staplers, paperclips, and many more. Since you never know when these supplies will become handy, it’s best to invest in them initially. 

Any office supply store or online retailer sells these items. It’s always a good idea to keep all these supplies ready and on hand, even if you don’t need them all the time. After all, offices play a key role in an organization. Every employee needs to spend some time in the office to perform tasks, even when your work style is hybrid. 

Tech Equipment.

A fully organized business relies on technology. Utilizing technology in the workplace has allowed organizations to increase productivity and efficiency rapidly. Businesses can now automate processes that had previously been time-consuming and manual, thanks to tech equipment and devices. 

Consider the following must-have tech equipment that every startup business needs: 


Computers are essential to the operation of any business. Consider upgrading your laptop and purchasing computers for business-related purposes. As you grow your small business, you can scale up your operations for your small business too. You’ll need more units of computers to support your employees with all the tasks. You can choose to purchase brand new to preloved computer devices, depending on your budget. Simply make sure they’re fit for your operational needs and tasks.  

Document Printer, Copier, And Scanner.

Paperless operations are becoming increasingly popular, but while this is an ideal operational concept, businesses still need to work with paper documents and files. Having said that, a document scanner is an essential office utensil that serves many purposes.  

Printing, copying, and scanning documents into a computer will require a machine. After all, many businesses rely on scanning and emailing documents as part of their collaboration process.  


If your office can’t afford to invest in a business phone system yet, your employees can make do with a basic smartphone or landline. This is an important piece of equipment to make communication easier with customers, vendors, and external partners. When choosing a new phone system, consider its usability features, battery power, and convenience. 

Ergonomic Furniture.

Every office needs ergonomic furniture so employees can perform their tasks comfortably and healthily. Certain furniture pieces are essential for any office. The office furniture industry is diverse and offers a wide selection of designs. You can find classic and traditional ones to modern, modular, and minimalist office furniture. Consider ergonomics when selecting desks and chairs to ensure efficiency and adequate support. Consider these tips when looking for the best ergonomic office furniture: 


Being sedentary is a common complaint among office workers, usually resulting in physical body pain. To resolve this issue, a sit-stand desk is a better furniture option for your office. A standing desk allows employees to stand or walk while working, regardless of the height of their desk. The activity promotes health, efficiency, and productivity in the workplace and is healthier than sitting in a chair for a long while.  


Chairs are necessary office equipment. Good back support is important when choosing an office chair. Go for ergonomic chairs that provide all the features to make sitting for a long time tolerable and unpainful. Make sure the chair has an adjustability feature to fit any of your employee’s height and body requirements.  


A brand-new office will likely require all the supplies listed in this list. A startup business can always scale up later, but these items are the must-haves, at least for now. Invest in these supplies, and you’ll be able to support and make your startup employees happier and more productive with their jobs in the office.