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Holiday Event Ideas For Remote Staff


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Everyone looks forward to holidays to refresh their minds and body. A company organizes occasions to add excitement to an employee’s monotonous work life. Consequently, companies plan holiday events for remote staff to strengthen the unity between the employees and optimize the work culture. The holiday events create a wonderful bonding moment and pave the way to celebrate organizational relationships and work spirit. It is also a great way to appreciate each other’s presence in the company.

If you are looking forward to organizing an event or holiday that your entire staff will appreciate and participate in, hire an experienced virtual holiday event planning agency to execute unique occasions. In such moments, remote workers connect virtually, enjoy drinks and food, and participate collectively in games, quizzes, cooking sessions, wine tasting, etc.

Holiday Fun For Remote Employees

Virtual parties are much easier to plan and execute than one might think. If St. Patrick’s Day is arriving, the company can arrange an elaborate quiz session for all its employees. Companies can also go for cocktail parties wherein employees at home have to create a cocktail of their choice from the ingredients sent by the party planner. The company can encourage its employees to be more environmentally conscious and participate in virtual gardening sessions. Bingo is a great game that is known for being engaging and exciting. Bingo can be organized virtually for office workers effortlessly. One can dress up according to the holiday one is celebrating (you can wear a Christmas sweater and Santa cap) and play Bingo with co-workers virtually, drinking eggnog.

Virtual cooking sessions are catching-up nowadays. One can organize virtual cookie-baking and decorating events for employees. Similarly, pie baking can be organized wherein workers will be delivered a baking kit and recipe, and all participants will roll the dough and bake together online.

Thus, there are different types and genres of holiday events for remote staff that a company can focus on. Businesses often hire the best holiday event planning agency to design personalized events per their requirements and budget. For example, the event planning agency can host occasions like Halloween, intern day, seasonal events, cooking events, gardening and craft events, etc.

Company parties and events are great for bonding and encouraging team-building efforts. Party ideas are endless, and professional party planners can do a great deal of work to make a virtual party for company employees successful. While coming up with a thought of a party for office workers is easy, executing it can be challenging. One needs the assistance and planning props of a professional. They can better curate a plan according to the size of the group attending the virtual event.


Through events, leaders get a chance to appreciate their team and subordinates that embrace the opportunities to grow in a better work culture. By executing a holiday event, an enterprise stimulates a positive work environment and its long-term advantages. Appreciating and celebrating your teammate’s growth sows the seed of compassion and empathy, resulting in healthy competition among the members of a company. Lastly, inter-departmental communications are another gain that occurs during such fun events, which helps to attain smooth communication, uniting each department.