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Shipping Box Selection Guide: Why Size, Shape, And Strength Matters


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Have you ever had a delivery go wrong and found your items ruined during transportation? If you have, you can attest to the disappointment and might realize that the shipping box might have been weak and of the wrong shape and size.

So, when shipping any item, whether small or big, it might need to be moved over long distances and in a truck. And with all the elements facing your shipping box during transportation, it’s important to choose the right box.

But with the numerous sizes and strengths, choosing the right option that fits your items can be challenging. So, to help you understand why size, shape, and strength matter, discussed below are some main reasons:

Size And Shape.

The first place to begin when looking for a shipping box is to determine the right size and shape that works best for you. The size and shape of your box play an important part in protecting the goods and products.

Different boxes cater to the size and shapes of your items, including standard, corrugated, tall, rectangular, and retail boxes, among others. So, when choosing the size of your shipping box, settle for the right size.

The following are reasons why the size and shape matter during shipping box selection:

Shipping Costs.

When shipping a box, you can attest to the costs of it. Luckily, there are ways to cut down on shipping costs, with the main one choosing the right shipping box size and shape.

Having the right size and shape will reduce the void inside them that normally requires filling to protect the product. If you choose to use any type of crumpled paper, you might realize they add weight which translates to higher shipping costs. If you want to ship products of different sizes or shapes, get various boxes in different sizes.

Better Protection.

Product protection is vital when it comes to shipping. And one factor boosting the protection of different products is the right size and shape of the box. For instance, if you choose a shipping box larger than the product, there’ll be an excessive amount of void space increasing the movement of a product, which might lead to potential damage.

Choosing the right size and shape also includes getting a shipping box that’s customizable in a way that it can adapt to the depth, folding sides, and cutting corners.

Customer Satisfaction.

If you’re a business owner who does a lot of shipping, you might have noticed the shift in customer appreciation of going green and less waste. As a result, getting the right-sized box will reduce the excess packaging needed to fill voids.

Once customers get their products, they’ll realize you care about their and the environment’s needs. Chances are, the right-sized packaging leaves a lasting impression that has a positive effect.


Strength is another factor affecting shipping box selection, and understanding how to go about it is vital. The first thing to do is to get a box that can accommodate the size and weight of the product, especially during transfer and delivery.

Using the edge crush and Mullen tests, you can measure your box’s strength. The following are some reasons why strength matters when it comes to shipping box selection:

  • Better Protection

Products in transit undergo harsh handling and puncturing from sharp objects. Additionally, weak boxes tend to tear, collapse, and split at the bottom when carrying heavy items.

So, when getting a shipping box, you need to settle for one with extra protection, and that’s ideal for shipping bulky objects. One great option is double wall boxes that offer durability as they’re designed to make shipping fragile items much easier.

In addition to protection, stronger boxes allow you to add more items without tearing them apart. So, eventually, you’ll be saving more money and space by reducing the number of boxes required.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Clients are guaranteed to appreciate sturdier shipping boxes they can reuse for storage. So, by getting stronger options, you’ll be showing your clients you care about the safety of their products and the environment.

Bottom Line

When shipping products over long distances, the box’s size, shape, and strength play a huge role in protecting your client’s products. Since your products face a lot during transit, including being poked and rough handling, you need to ensure they can get delivered in one piece. Hence, you need to pay attention to all the factors contributing to the safety and price of shipping. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.



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