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How Do You Use Check Printing Software?



Whether you’re a large corporation with thousands of staff or a dispersed operation with remote workers, one true thing is that, as a business, you’ll need to make payments. One common way that businesses make their payments is via checks. A check is an order to a bank to pay a certain amount to the person whose name is written on the check. 

Checks have been indispensable in today’s corporate culture. Most workers get paid via checks – giving rise to the term ‘paycheck.’ However, as your business expands to several states or grows online, writing a check manually may be a terrible idea. So, instead of manually writing hundreds of paychecks every month and drowning your HR in paperwork, why not use check printing software? 

You may be curious, by now, about how you can use your check printing software to optimize your business. So, in this article, we’ll explore how you can use check printing software. We’ll also examine the main advantages of check printing software for your business. 

What is Check Printing Software? 

Check printing software programs allow you to print checks for your business. Check printing software is an alternative to handwritten checks requiring manual effort. For businesses that write multiple checks as part of their operations, check printing software helps to save time and multiple efforts. Additionally, they help reduce errors and can print any check needed. 

Check printing software can print checks on any paper, although a few solutions require special check paper. Check printing software, also known as check writers, can instantly print as many checks as you need. Check printing software can be obtained at various prices, depending on the size of your business and the features they offer. Although you can get a check printing software for as low as $30, check printing software can rise as high as hundreds of dollars for enterprise-level packages. 

How does Check Printing Software Work? 

Check printing software allows a business to create, print, and mail checks without needing pre-printed checks or checkbooks from a bank. Check printing software does not require anyone to write a check, eliminating human error physically. Check printing software typically allows you to input the details of a check, then arrange these details in a proper check format. Often, you can set up relatively unchanging details such as your business name and account number first. For future checks, you’ll only have to input the specific details of the transaction, such as the recipient’s name and the amount to be paid. 

Check printing software often requires specific types of ink or paper to print checks. Special check paper is more expensive than ordinary paper. Still, if you’re printing a large number of checks, you can easily justify this. You may also need magnetic ink, as only this special ink can print the MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) code on the paper. This code can be read by the bank’s computers and is necessary for processing transactions made with checks. 

Check printing software may also offer other features. Some check writers offer grammar and spelling checks to eliminate errors, and others even help you create invoices, accept payments, and track finances. The additional features you’d need from a check printing software depend on your industry, so you may have to explore multiple options for one that suits you. 

Uses of Check Printing Software

With check printing software, you have several options. You can:

Create checks.

Perhaps the biggest utility of check printing software is creating checks by yourself. Check printing software allows you to bypass the hassle of going to the bank for a checkbook and doing it yourself, often for a lower price. You can even customize your checks, making them unique. 

Print physical checks.

With check printing software, some paper, and a good magnetic printer, you’re good to print as many physical checks as you need for your business. This eliminates your paycheck hassles. 

Mail checks to a recipient.

Have a recipient that lives far away? With a check writer software, that’s no problem. You can send checks by mail to recipients in any part of the world over the internet, and they can print and cash the check. 

Record transactions.

A great feature of check printing software is its ability to record transactions. All your payments are stored in a secure cloud database, allowing you to keep a permanent record of your transactions. 

How to Use Check Printing Software For Your Business 

Here’s how to start using check printing software for your business:

Choose a check printing software.

Choosing a check printing software shouldn’t be a difficult task. Just explore your options for one with great features and the kind of pricing you can afford. Whether it’s $20 or $200, there’s always an option for your business. 

Purchase and setup the software.

When you’ve chosen a great check printing software, you can go ahead to purchase it. Ensure to set it up with your account details right away. 

Get check paper and a magnetic printer.

If your check printing software requires a check paper to work, you’d need to get one. Many software options also offer free check paper with your first purchase. You’d also need a magnetic printer to print the MICR code. 

Input details and print! 

When you’ve set up your software and all your equipment, it’s time to use the software. You’ll need to enter the transaction details, and you can print your check! 

Advantages: Why is Check Printing Software Better? 

Here are a few reasons why check printing software is a great option for your business:

It’s convenient.

With check printing software, you can easily print checks from your office. This saves your HR team a lot of effort in making payments. 

It keeps an online record of transactions.

Check printing software helps businesses keep a permanent record of all transactions. This ensures transparency and proves the business can be used in a legal dispute. 

It facilitates remote financial transactions.

As the world evolves technologically, it’s critical for financial transactions to do the same. Check printing software harnesses the power of the internet to allow you to make check payments from anywhere in the world. 


In this article, we’ve explored how you can use check printing software or check printing companies to make payments easier. With check printing software, you can save your business time and money, boosting productivity.