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Main Reasons Why Companies Consider QA Outsourcing


by Ran Rachlin, co-founder & CEO of Ubertesters

QA outsourcing has become one of the most common solutions for many companies. But why do so many startups and big businesses decide to use this option instead of hiring professionals for their own teams?

Discover the list of top reasons why quality assurance outsourcing might be the best alternative to traditional in-house testing.

Outsourced Quality Assurance: Will It Fit My Business?

Being one of the finalizing steps of the development process, testing remains a crucial stage to ensure the top-notch quality of any digital product. Outsourced QA testing gives you dozens of significant advantages you need to know about. 

The fact is that when outsourcing quality assurance, your product will come through the most innovative testing methods, comply with all the needed standards, and fall into the hands of experienced QA professionals. As a result, you will have an opportunity to get an unbiased view of your digital solution, get all the bugs, flaws, and crashes detected fast, and receive expert feedback on how to make your product better, and more customer-friendly. However, these are not the only outsourced quality assurance benefits.

So, why do you need to hire an offshore testing team? 

Cost Reduction

Hiring a QA expert to join your team in the local labor market is always a long and pricey process. Most companies would like to save money while still receiving access to services of international quality. This is exactly what QA outsource is ready to offer. The solution gives you the advantage of finding professionals at a lower labor cost than in your own country, decreases your operational costs, and even eliminates your overhead costs. In other words, you will get good quality people, at a lower cost, at a faster timeframe, and not need to invest in the newest technology and software, as well as expensive infrastructure. 

Boost Customer Satisfaction

When using outsourced software testing services, you get your product checked from all sides and aspects, using the most up-to-date technologies and utilities available on the market. Consequently, you get more advanced testing results. This gives you numerous advantages over your major competitors, with the higher quality of your digital product. This should definitely lead to increased customer satisfaction lever. 

Hire Highly Experienced & Skilled Testers In One Place

When it comes to looking for a tester for your in-house team, it is necessary to choose between dozens or even hundreds of candidates where many of them lack hands-on experience or knowledge in your field. Fortunately, software testing outsourcing companies will help you forget about this long and challenging process since they have already done all the needed screenings and evaluations jobs for you. To put it short, you will have an opportunity to work with only expert testers that offer top-notch testing results. 

Get Access to Improvement Potential 

Accumulating the knowledge and experience in all the development niches is hardly possible for even a big company. Therefore, many businesses decide to leverage a global knowledge base and get access to world-class QA capabilities with the help of offshore software testing services.  

Enjoy Flexibility And Agility

Numerous businesses require testing from time to time only. Therefore, there is no need to hire an entire team of QA experts to join your company. When outsourcing QA, it becomes easy to enjoy the flexibility of the testing process and order services right when you need them. 

Focus On Key Business Processes 

Outsourcing is an excellent option for those businesses that want to pay more attention to engineering and the product itself. Delegating QA to an external service might allow you to free up the internal company’s resources for something more important and strategic. Meanwhile, the best testing professionals will be working on your product’s quality assurance. 

Forget About Recruitment Hassles

There is nothing new that the process of recruiting new talents is an expensive, time-consuming, and challenging process. Choosing and interviewing candidates, checking test tasks they are given, formalizing, and onboarding fresh employees might take you weeks or even months. Moreover, the company will need to pay employees when they remain “on a bench” looking for new projects. Therefore, outsourcing is usually a more budget-friendly option compared to hiring in-house professionals.

Effective Risk Management 

Delegating your non-core activity, which actually quality assurance is, you can benefit from a risk-sharing strategy and get expert help in times of crisis. Effective risk management is another significant advantage of using a trusted QA company. 

Your Domain Expertise 

Any professional outsourcing quality assurance company can build a team of players that have a brilliant experience in your segment. Whether you need gaming, mobile, e-commerce, or API professionals, you can always get the required expertise. Moreover, you can do that in a fast and flawless way. 

Meet Your Deadlines Faster 

Outsourcing is a fantastic solution to scale your business. If you need to get the testing services ASAP, offshore QA expertise might become the one and only way to meet your business goals. 

QA Outsourcing Cooperation Models 

Different QA companies practice various approaches to providing their services to customers. The most common business model options are: 

  • Hiring a dedicated team of software testing experts – you can get the help of as many QA professionals as needed for a particular project. 
  • Staff augmentation – hiring several testing professionals who will accompany your in-house experts for faster and more detailed results.
  • Project-based model (also known as a task-based model) – receive an advanced QA service with testers, project managers, and other professionals according to your requirements. 


Ran Rachlin is the co-founder & CEO of Ubertesters, the global leader in crowd testing services. Ran has massive global experience, managing and leading new initiatives from inception to implementation and significant sales as well as managing large global organizations in different countries. Ran is a speaker in several industry events and is known for his unique view of the QA and testing world.