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5 Essential Digital Marketing Tools For All Your Business Needs


When we talk about digital marketing, the majority usually think of managing the activity through social networks. Web marketing, however, is much more than that. There are several forms of online marketing, including maintaining websites, writing blog content, creating visuals for social media, sending newsletters, and collecting competitive intelligence.

If you want to remain able to carry out all these missions, you must be a versatile and autonomous web marketer. To help you in your various tasks in digital marketing, you must be able to count on effective tools.

Discover in the following lines 5 tools that every web marketer should master and use.

1. Hubspot CRM to Manage Its Customers and Prospects.

If you’re looking for the best CRM to use to boost your digital strategy, consider HubSpot CRM. The tool remains fully accessible and yet offers a wide range of features. This CRM software allows you to centralize many tasks related to your various commercial actions.

Thanks to Hubspot, you can not only manage your customer data, but also exchange with them, prepare prospecting emails or even follow the various sales in progress.

2. Semrush to Create Quality Content Marketing.

Semrush is, above all, a tool that helps you search for relevant keywords to enrich your various content. This is a good way to generate quality content marketing for your website. This tool is also capable of suggesting topics to discuss that are likely to attract the attention of Internet users and your community. In short, Semrush is a formidable weapon in the context of your natural referencing of the SERPs.

Anyway, this tool has more than one trick up its sleeve! Indeed, it can be used to carry out competitive intelligence. For example, you can analyze the traffic on your competitors’ sites with this software.

Semrush effectively gives you the opportunity to get an idea of where you stand against your main competitors. The tool allows you to regularly monitor the ranking of your site on search engines according to the keywords typed by Internet users.

3. Mailchimp for a Successful Email Campaign.

We can not talk about digital marketing without talking about email. The tool represents a solution to optimize customer loyalty and the conversion of prospects.

Among the software to create an emailing campaign and send newsletters, let’s mention Mailchimp. This tool has proven itself for a long time and continues to appeal to web marketers because of its effectiveness and ease of use.

Mailchimp’s platform consists of an easy-to-understand interface. Even if you’re not an email marketing pro, you can do just fine with this email management tool. The software promotes email marketing automation by scheduling the sending of each email. In addition, you also have the possibility of analyzing the results and the opening rate of your mailings. Mailchimp has a reporting feature that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your email campaign.

4. FlexClip to Create Videos for Effective Video Marketing.

When planning your video marketing strategy, it’s important to choose the right tools for the editing. FlexClip allows businesses to create professional-looking videos without any previous video editing experience. With this tool, you can edit predefined video templates or create new ones from scratch using a variety of built-in tools and functions. It has several options to include stock images and photos, change layouts, add stickers and overlays.

It’s a game changer for businesses aiming to increase ROI for every stage of the marketing funnel using video.

5. Google Analytics to Understand Online Behavior of Visitors.

The function of Google Analytics is simple: it allows you to analyze the reactions and behavior of Internet users when they browse your website. This tool allows you, for example, to know the number of visitors who come to your site, how they landed on your blog or even which are the most read pages on your website.

You should know that many tools compete with Google Analytics. However, the latter remains largely interesting insofar as it is rich in features. Especially since here, you do not have to be a digital marketing professional to be able to use this tool.

Are you a digital manager, a SEA/SEO consultant or even a community manager? You have every interest in mastering these different tools to become a Swiss army knife in web marketing.