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4 Industries That Are Thriving Post-Pandemic


The pandemic caused chaos for countless industries, causing an overnight shutdown and forcing the population into lockdown, and shutting off access to many previously commonplace services.

And whilst many businesses failed to weather the storm of the crisis, many have managed to survive and come back stronger than ever before thanks to their ability to adapt and move with the times.

Below we examine just a handful of industries who have succeeded in spite of the pandemic – take a look.

1. Food industry.

Food delivery services were one of the best equipped to survive a tumultuous two years.

Even when many restaurant venues were in crisis, services like Uber Eats provided them with an essential lifeline. And following our return to the new normal, hospitality is seeing an improvement but that prized place of delivery services is cemented into our consciousness.

In the food industry remains a challenging one in which to succeed, but one with many opportunities to do so nevertheless.

2. Private medicine.

There is still a major backlog within the NHS following the pandemic, with waiting times seeming to increase constantly for appointments.

And on top of this, free public Covid testing has come to an end, whilst many international countries still require evidence of a negative test to allow travellers to fly.

Medical Diagnosis are ahead of this curve, supplying at home testing kits that allow travellers peace of mind when flying. They also support users with a range of other diagnostic tools for various conditions, making healthcare testing accessible at home.

3. Telecommuting tech.

Telecommuting is at its highest rate in history, and tech companies have made a mint on the back of it.

One of the best examples is video conferencing service Zoom – practically unheard of before 2020, the company is reported to have generated $4 billion in 2021, a 50% increase on previous years.

And despite many of us returning to the office, the company continues to grow. With the vast majority of companies adopting some form of remote working, providers of essential remote working tools are one of the many industries continuing to thrive in this new normal state.

4. Online learning.

It wasn’t just workplaces that were thrown into disarray in 2020.

Educational institutions at all levels found themselves closing their doors and unable to provide for their students at the last minute as a result of lockdown

But the last two years have proven that even in less-than-ideal circumstances, remote setups and digitisation can work, not only in the office but in education too. And if given the opportunity to prepare better in the future, educators could find themselves making the most of digital tools at their disposal.

Whilst it doesn’t mean we’ll be sending schoolchildren home to learn over video calls any time soon, a rise in the introduction of interactive technologies in education could transform the way students of all ages are learning.

These are just four industries and sectors that have thrived post-pandemic and are likely to continue to do so.

How have the last two years affected your industry? Let us know in the comments below.


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