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Top Tech-Related EB-5 Investments To Make


If you are an immigrant and want to get into the United States, and you also have a bit of money to spend, then choosing to invest in the world of commercial enterprise is a good idea.

With the EB-5 (Employment-Based fifth preference) visa that you can get, then everything is good to go if you know how to properly invest.

What Is The EB-5 Program?

According to the EB-5 program, the investors, as well as the there spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21, can get a green card under the program if they invest a minimum of 1.8 million dollars into a qualifying U.S commercial enterprise, and the investor must manage the company while creating jobs for 10 full time workers from the United States.

The business can either be built and the money can be invested into it, or the business can be bought or partnered with an existing business owner. However, if the second option is pursued, then the business must be changed substantially, ten new full time jobs must be created, and the net worth of the business must be grown.

If all of these qualities are met, then the green card can be received. But what exactly should you invest in if you want to find the best option for success? 

You can start with areas where EB-5 set aside categories exist, such as rural areas or products that are based on infrastructure creation.

Start With The Tech Field

Fields like technology and real estate are very lucrative investments, but technology, in particular, is a low risk field. You have lower overhead, a high need from the public, and a lot of new innovations.

A lot of people are asking what the next big thing in software and technology and cloud based services are, but not a lot of people are actually trying to create the next big thing! 

Plus small businesses have just as much access to the high technology and the technology based opportunities that the big corporations have, so getting into the tech field is going to give you some benefits. However, what technology investments and companies are going to give you the best return on your investment is going to be the big question.

The Best Tech Related Investments To Make

First, look for a company with a proven track record to invest in, because the best things you can invest in are companies that have a record of bringing in new products to the market, as well as companies that have established relationships with their customers and prospects for making more.

If the teams at the company are also experts at what they do, then you know that they are stable enough to take on a new investor and the new jobs that your investment will have to bring.

Finally, look for companies that are measuring up to their competition, because the competition is indeed very fierce, especially for those who want an EB-5 green card. If the company that you want to fully invest in is able to hold its own against its competitors in the tech world, then it might be worthwhile for you.

Invest Wisely And Towards The Future

Finally, make sure to take the future into account when you are looking for a technology company. What is it creating that is going to drive the world forward in three, five, or even ten years? What’s going to be the next big thing at that time? If you can find the answer to that, you can make your investment work for you.

[Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash]