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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mobile Service Plan


There are many ads on television seeking your attention to either change your mobile service plan or begin a new journey with them. Some of these offers may seem enticing and at the same time confusing, and you might wonder what romancing charges are, or whether to go with a locked or unlocked post-paid offer. Whereas every carrier may have a unique selling proposition, it is upon you to make a final decision on the right service to adopt.

This guide will help you make a right choice whether it is moving from one carrier to the next or adopting a new one.

Can You Afford a Mobile Plan

The first consideration when choosing a mobile plan is off course affordability. The bundled offers may seem quite alluring but they hide hiked taxes, fees and overall premium payments. The choice to pick a mobile phone plus SIM option may avail a new trendy phone but this will reflect highly on your monthly bills. You don’t want to experience buyer’s remorse especially when it comes to something as crucial as communication.

When it comes to mobile phone plans, you can make a clear balance between caller minutes, data and messages. If you want to make great savings, then shifting towards online based messaging and calls will significantly lower your charges if you use WiFi.

Read the Fine Print

All the offers and discounts coming from carrier companies may cause confusion and unless you develop a good eye for deals, you might end up getting roped into an expensive monthly contract. The deals are usually designed to funnel as many new users as possible, and people tend to ignore the fine print and go for the offers. Though some offers are good, they usually hide high fees and fines and these will reflect in your monthly phone bills. So make sure you read everything properly before making any choice.

Pay As You Go Versus Post Paid Plans

The Pay-as-you-go options, also called the prepaid option are a great option if you don’t intend on using a lot of resources. For travelers, a pre paid option will allow you to toggle between various carriers to find out which one is cheaper before settling on a short term contract. However, pre-paid options tend to be more expensive in the long run and you shouldn’t opt for them if you are a heavy caller or texter.

Another main issue between post paid and pre paid is the issue of locked phones. Post paid plans with a mobile phone offer usually have locked contracts whereby the carrier bars you from using any other SIM card on your phone. This makes sense because the carrier will want to make sure you don’t use another carrier’s SIM card on your contract phone. However, this can disadvantage travelers who go out of network coverage and will be forced to buy another phone or enter a prepaid plan with another carrier. You need an unlocked phone if you intend to travel outside your usual network coverage.