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What Is A Content Syndication Campaign?


Everyone knows that the key to any marketing campaign is good content. No matter the media, it has to be high quality, engaging, and provide value for those who interact with it. That content can be hard to come across, as well as being expensive. Luckily, there’s a way that you can recycle your best content, through a method called content syndication. 

Below, we take insights from the Headley Media team and look at how content syndication campaigns work, and how they can be beneficial for all parties involved.

Content syndication.

Content syndication is a perfect way of recycling high quality content. The content can be a written blog post, a video, and infographic, or in another creative format. 

The original creator or poster of that content then provides it to a third party website, generally for free, and the third party posts it along with a backlink to the original creator’s website. It’s a win-win situation – the third party site gets free, high quality content, and the original creator gets a backlink and a boost to their own organic traffic and authority. 

Content syndication isn’t new.

Content syndication might be relatively new for online publishers of content, but in traditional print media it’s been a common practice for a long time now. 

For decades, larger newspapers and magazines have been printing stories and pieces published in other magazines, often from other countries. It benefits both parties – the (often smaller) publication gets their work published on the other side of the world, without losing out on their readership base.

How to do it right.

Content syndication is incredibly effective when done well. Here are some crucial tips to maximising the effectiveness of a syndication campaign:

Choose the right partners.

The key to a successful content syndication campaign lies in choosing appropriate partners. You want a website with a similar audience to you, visited by people who are also likely to be interested in the content that your site posts. 

You also want that site to be relatively high ranking – your efforts will be for nothing if no one is going to be reading those articles. Finding the right partners can lead to productive, long term relationships which are mutually beneficial well into the future.

Think long term.

While it can be tempting to reach out to websites at random, it’s incredibly important to have a strategy informing your campaign. First, see if you have enough content to share with partners in the first place. 

Then consider which type of traffic you want to drive to your site, and identify partners that fall within the appropriate parameters. Consider how best to reach out to them, potentially with a template that you adapt for each one, and you’re ready.

In Conclusion – Consider how to syndicate.

A good way of syndicating content can be through sharing just the first part of articles or videos. This way, it’s potentially more likely that traffic will actually be driven to your site. 

This won’t work with all content, but it’s worth deciding how best to share your content, based on your niche and the industry partners you find.



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