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What Is A Blanket Permit?


As with any trucking company, the cargo you transport is unpredictable and sometimes can exceed the usual limitations regulated by law. When an item exceeds standard sizing, the company must acquire additional permits to perform legally and safely, such as a blanket permit.

This type of additional permit is usually not included in the standard package, but it is better to acquire them from the beginning to avoid eventual violations. If you want your trucking company to be fully prepared, it would be recommended to ask for assistance from a specialist in trucking permits that will handle the procedure for you.

The Definition of a Blanket Permit

A Blanket Permit is a formal permit provided by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles authorizing the transportation of a vehicle or combination vehicle and its nondivisible cargo over State/Interstate roadways within specified size and/or weight restrictions. Vehicles that acquire blanket weight permits must be registered to the maximum weight restriction and designed so that they legally fulfill the road limit.

What is a Nondivisible Cargo?

A non-divisible load is a single object or component that cannot be broken down into smaller, lighter pieces without compromising the load’s physical integrity.

Nondivisible means any load or vehicle that exceeds applicable dimension or weight limits and, if broken down into smaller loads or vehicles, would:

  1. Compromise the vehicle’s intended use, rendering it unusable for its intended purpose;
  2. Destroy the load or vehicle’s value, rendering it unusable for its intended purpose;
  3. Require more than eight work hours to dismantle using appropriate equipment. The burden of proof for a nondivisible load permit application is on the applicant to prove the number of work hours required to dismantle the load.

To be deemed divisible, cargo must be disassembled in less than eight person-hours. It must be split if it will take less than eight hours (the number of people working on it does not matter). Nondivisible cargo can still be carried, but specific permission from state agencies is required.


To acquire a blanket permit, certain limitations of the nondivisible cargo are taken into account (and they may vary from one state to another).

  1. When the length is more significant than seventy-five feet (75′), and up to one hundred feet (100′), the maximum width is ten feet, six inches (10′ 6″).
  2. When the length does not exceed seventy-five feet (75′), the maximum width is twelve feet, six inches (12′ 6″).
  3. Fourteen feet (14′) is the maximum height.
  4. Maximum Weight for Nondivisible Loads Only:
  • One hundred eight thousand (108,000) pounds, depending on the number of axles and axle spacing.
  • Twelve thousand (12,000) pounds are allowed on the steering axle, twenty thousand (20,000) pounds on all other axles:
  • Five axle combination vehicle = ninety-two thousand (92,000) pounds;
  • Six or more axle combination vehicles = one hundred eight thousand (108,000) pounds.

The entire registration permitted for the vehicle’s configuration must be used.

Vehicles without a trailer or semi-trailer (single vehicle) have a maximum length of 46 feet.

Special Purpose Blanket Permit

A Special Purpose Blanket Permit is a legal authorization from the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles that allows a nondivisible particular purpose vehicle, such as well drillers and concrete pump trucks, to travel on State/Interstate routes within specified size and/or weight restrictions.