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Damon Becnel: Suggestions For Making Businesses More Sustainable


The current state of the world is unsustainable. We need to find ways to live more sustainably, starting with businesses. Companies should focus on three key areas: environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, and social sustainability for companies to be sustainable. These are all interconnected areas that work together to be sustainable truly.

Read on for some suggestions from Damon Becnel on how your business can become more sustainable.

Think about your Business’s Carbon Footprint

One of the best ways to make your business more sustainable is reducing its carbon footprint. What can you do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? You can start by looking at your business’s energy usage. You may be able to save energy and money by switching to more efficient lighting and appliances. You can also reduce your reliance on fossil fuels by incorporating renewable energy into your business plan.

Another way to reduce emissions is by reducing the amount of paper you use. Print out documents only when necessary, and choose electronic documents over printed ones. This may also help reduce your paper expenses as well!

Consider the Environmental Impact of Products You Purchase for Your Office

Think about all of the products used at your office every day and how they impact the environment. Are there items that could be replaced with a greener option or a reusable item? For example, paper towels may seem like an efficient way to dry hands, but most people use far too many each time because it feels like nothing has changed after using just one sheet. Switching to eco-friendly hand soap would be less expensive over time than constantly purchasing bulk packages of paper towels. Another idea might be switching out plastic or paper cups for ceramic mugs that are used repeatedly.

Reduce or Eliminate Single-use Plastics in the Office

Plastic items like water bottles, utensil packs, to-go containers, and food storage bags contribute a lot of waste to our landfills each year which is why businesses need to reduce their use of plastic products where possible. Instead, you can encourage your employees to bring reusable dishes from homes, such as bamboo silverware sets or stainless steel lunch boxes. You could also provide filtered water dispensers around the office instead of bottled water so that people can access clean drinking water all day long without single-use disposable plastics. Switching out these types of everyday plastic items will help reduce your office’s environmental impact.

Switch to Energy-efficient Lighting and Appliance

Another great way to reduce your business’s carbon footprint is switching out old inefficient appliances for newer energy-efficient ones. Lighting is another great place to reduce energy usage and emissions. It’s important to use the right lighting for each space to keep energy costs down while maintaining a comfortable environment. Still, you can also choose fixtures that are more efficient than traditional bulbs. Lighting can also be updated to use more efficient bulbs that emit less heat and save money while doing it.

Use Sustainable Cleaning Supplies

It’s important to use sustainable cleaning supplies when cleaning your office because the chemicals and pollutants from traditional cleaners can harm both people and the environment. Look for products that are biodegradable and non-toxic. The best way to clean your office is with natural ingredients such as white vinegar and baking soda. These can be combined for an all-purpose cleaner, or you can use them separately for specific surfaces.

There are many green options on the market these days, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something that works well for your needs. You could also make your natural cleaning solutions with ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and essential oils.

Encourage Employees to Carpool, Bike, Walk or Take Public Transit to Work

One of the easiest ways for a business to become more sustainable is by encouraging its employees to use alternative modes of transportation when possible. This can help reduce traffic congestion, save money on gas and parking, and improve air quality. If most of your employees live close by, they could consider carpooling or biking to work. If that’s not an option, try promoting public transportation or even working from home a few days each week!

The first step to being more sustainable is thinking about your carbon footprint. Have you considered how much energy, water, and other resources are used by the products that come into your office? Is there a better or greener option for what you need? Consider switching out single-use plastics – like plastic bags, straws, cups, utensils, etc. – with reusable alternatives to reduce waste in landfills and oceans.

By making some changes around the office, it may be possible to switch over to green cleaning supplies. Not only will these cleaners make your offices smell great, but they’ll also leave fewer chemicals behind on surfaces which can help keep air quality. Fresh and clean throughout the day! One last tip we’d like to share is encouraging employees to carpool, bike, walk or take public transit when possible. Not only will this cut back on greenhouse gas emissions, but it’ll also save everyone money on gas and parking! We hope you found these tips helpful in making your business more sustainable.