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Business Leisure: Practical Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Trip


Corporate travel can be pretty stressful, which is why so many business travelers look for ways to indulge in some leisure activities while away. Even though you can’t center the trip around personal interests, business leisure is becoming popular due to the newfound importance of work-life balance. As healthy work-life balance dictates that we need to have sufficient rest time, leisure experiences can make a world of difference to mental wellbeing during corporate travel.

What’s more, adding some leisure to your corporate trip will benefit your health and wellbeing. Because you will be reducing your stress by giving yourself adequate time to unwind and handle your priorities with a fresh mindset, it’s worthwhile to add some pleasure to your stay.

We’ve listed some practical ways to indulge in leisure while traveling for corporate reasons.

Look For Comfortable Accommodation

The accommodation you choose will have a massive impact on your comfort, sleep quality, and stress levels. Therefore, by choosing spacious accommodation that feels a bit more like home than the standard hotel room does, you’ll enjoy your trip a lot more.

Hotel rooms are often not suitable for corporate travel as they are typically cramped spaces that can’t provide much comfort, especially for extended stays.

Short-term rentals are typically the best option for business travelers. Not only is this type of accommodation convenient and reasonably priced, but there are also luxury apartments available, and the overall spaciousness of the apartments allows visitors to feel more at ease. Furnished apartments, Toronto, and other areas are an excellent option for extended corporate travel.

Stay A Little Bit Longer

If you under budget your time for the duration of your stay by trying to fit as many appointments into a day as possible, you might lower travel costs. However, you will also increase the risks of tardiness, unprofessionalism, and other such mishaps.

It’s best to over budget with time, to the extent that you have ample time between appointments in which you can prepare. Beyond this, it’s worthwhile to over budget to the degree that enables you sufficient rest time.

Organize Your Time Off

Once you have budgeted your time, you must include some time off. This time should then be organized to allow some travel and exploration. At a seaside town for a business conference? Look for affordable beach vacation packages for some proper relaxation, or splurge a little more on private island vacations.

Whether you decide to use this time for sightseeing or to visit tourist attractions, organizing your off-time is as essential as managing your work time for business leisure. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to create a business travel itinerary that includes some personal appointments as well. This way, you’ll definitely be getting the most out of your stay.

Because corporate travel can be stressful and so many things can go wrong, it’s essential to plan every element of the trip and allow enough time between appointments and meetings to rest and prepare for the next priority. By adding leisure to your trip, you’ll be more rested and better able to put your best foot forward while fostering long-lasting business relationships or closing deals for the business.