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How To Keep Up The After Grad Job Search Motivation



As a recent graduate, you have probably learned to stay motivated and dedicated to your career goals over the past four years. But now you are thrust into the real world, where his type of motivation is difficult to maintain. It’s easy to lose sight of your end goal in the face of rejection and a slow job market.

You do not know what you want out of your career yet. You’re still exploring different options of what you want to do in the future. Many people go through a period of feeling lost after graduation as they try to figure out what path they want to go on. It’s okay if you’re not 100% sure on what career path you want to take right now.

The job search process can be slow and tedious. When you’re applying for jobs, it can feel like nothing is happening – no interviews, no offers, no calls back from recruiters. It can be frustrating when you don’t hear anything back from the jobs that you apply for.

How to Keep Up and Stay Motivated

It is a daunting task to find a job after graduating college. It is a challenge for fresh graduates to stay motivated while job searching. However, staying motivated is an important thing for fresh graduates to land a job even after tons of rejections.

Here are some ways to stay motivated while keeping up with the job search.

Join a networking group

It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t immediately land that dream job right out of college. It’s important to remain active and engaged with other professionals, especially if most of your friends are not in the same situation as you. Joining a professional group or association will allow you to meet people who can give you advice on how they landed their first job or provide information on jobs in your industry. You can learn from others who are going through similar experiences as you, which should help motivate you to keep going.

Consider some personal development coaching

If you’re finding it hard to stay motivated during your search, personal development coaching might be helpful. Your coach will help you identify what’s holding you back from success and help you work through those issues. This may include helping you find ways to increase your confidence, develop new skills or simply change your mindset and perspective on things. You can find a website that offers online coaching sessions just like Online Coaching Coach. Online coaches can help you re-evaluate your resume and cover letter, search for jobs more effectively and work on your interviewing skills.

Here are some of the ways that an online coach can help:

You’ll get some perspective on your behavior and habits.

A good coach will help you identify which behaviors are helpful, and which ones are holding you back. When we’re in the thick of things, it’s hard to see what we’re doing wrong — it just feels like nothing is working out. A coach will give you some objectivity and show you why certain actions aren’t helping your career goals, so that you can make changes to improve your situation.

You’ll learn how to deal with stress.

Searching for a job is stressful — there’s no way around it.

They will help you build your confidence.

If the person has no work experience or has been out of work for some time, they may have lost much of their self-confidence and need some counseling. Talking to someone who helps people with their careers day in and day out can help them regain their confidence and start looking for a new job again.

Help deal with attitude issues.

Sometimes, a person’s attitude is the reason they do not get hired. A coach can help them improve their attitude and learn what behaviors are acceptable in an interview as well as at work.

Be realistic about what to expect from the job market

It is important to remember that finding a job is not an easy task for anyone, especially for recent grads who are new to the workforce. There are many factors that make it challenging, including that the number of candidates applying for each position tends to far exceed the number of available openings and positions take longer to fill than they did in the past. The job market is improving, but it’s still competitive out there!

Always start the day off on the right note

The way a person starts their day affects their mood and flow throughout the day. Establish a daily routine. Also, make sure to have a proper meal and write down the agenda for the day. It will keep the mind on track while jumping from one place to another.

Always define the goals

After earning a degree, what is the next step? It is important for a fresh graduate to have a definite goal. They may not know where their life is going, but at least they have a starting plan. Keep in mind to apply for jobs that will not trigger job mismatch.

Apply for different types of jobs

Graduates don’t realize that they are free to apply for any job. There is a wide range of fields that they can apply. There are a lot of entry level positions that require technical skills only. However, most employers are focusing on a candidate’s ability, eagerness and willingness to learn.

Ask for advice

Some degrees are competitive. There are also people who keep top-secret tactics on job searching. However, asking friends that are in different degrees on how they manage to land a job can be a good idea. Check out cllax for some career and business tips.

Don’t give up

In the long run, after several tries it gets tiring. However, among the numerous rejections and unanswered inquiries,  success still awaits. It is important for a fresh grad to keep the faith on their Curriculum Vitae, skills, and self. Don’t give up easily, stay firm and think about the goal.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Negativity will only hurt your motivation levels. Instead of hanging out with friends who complain about their jobs or make negative comments about life, spend time with people who are positive and supportive of you and what they do for work! If your friends aren’t helping you stay positive, consider finding new ones!


It is hard to keep up the motivation while facing numerous rejections. However, with proper goal and patience success will be knocking on their doors.