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Is Twitter The Right Platform For Your Business? 7 Factors To Consider


There are various social network sites today providing users, who are business owners, with different advertising options. The challenge, however, is knowing which is best for their business.   

Aside from tweets, sub-tweets, quotes, likes, trends, and the fact that you can buy real Twitter followers, what else does the platform have to deserve your business? If you’re unsure of an answer, here are factors to help you decide if Twitter is the right choice for your brand.  

1. Customer Response.

Do you always have your customer service line busy due to consistent calls from customers? If so, you may find Twitter as a reliable support. Research proves that most social customer service requests come through Twitter. Why? Because the platform is free and accessible.  

Indeed, several features make Twitter a better means of communication between businesses and customers than email or text messaging. One factor is the ease of trends. Another is the proximity of customers to you and vice-versa. In short, if you’ve wanted to connect more closely and relate informally with buyers, Twitter may be the right platform for your brand.  

2. Quality Of Information Dissemination.

For businesses to operate effectively and continue to exist, they need to share updates and business information with customers in real-time. Prompt information dissemination enables customers to have the correct information, take advantage of offers, and be in touch with trends.   

If you’re considering Twitter for your business, it’s a viable platform to share your brand stories. You hardly can miss the many Twitter growth services and tools. Despite the influx of information on this platform, a single tweet can pass the message to customers in real-time. Besides, you can keep buyers up-to-date with hashtags.  

3. Connection With Influencers.

If your business is thinking of engaging influencers to promote its products, you should consider Twitter. Twitter can help you build connections with key influencers to spread the word about your business.   

Are you looking for where most influencers are active? Twitter is the place. You can get an influencer or two for a fee to run a series of tweets about your brand. They can do this for a month or a couple of days, depending on your budget. And since they have trusted followers, you can leverage the base to reach more audiences.  

4. Level Of Customer Engagement.

One factor that drives business relationships in today’s market is customer engagement. Customers no longer want to see brands as distant superstars but wish to engage with them. It makes customer engagement one of the top features of successful businesses.   

Through consistent engagement, companies can build a community of believers that patronize and publicize the business. Twitter offers this option. Your brand can engage customers and create a community among current and potential customers. By constantly tweeting about relevant topics, you can get in touch with customers and forge a strong relationship with them.  

5. Increased Brand Awareness.

Businesses grow through market awareness. Increased brand perception can translate into more revenue, an increased customer base, and a larger market share. Through promotional ads, Twitter allows businesses to extend their connection with new users.   

You can increase your business awareness by running custom advertisements to reach your target audience. You can target a demographic, so your ads get more prospects. This way, your business stands a chance of high conversion since it reaches users who are likely to pay attention to what it offers.   

6. Website Traffic Drive.

If your business runs a website, you’ll find increased traffic necessary. A report from social media analysts says many users who visit a Twitter profile also visit the website linked to that profile. It reveals how great Twitter can be for driving traffic to your business.   

Aside from the link embedded in your bio, the platform allows you to continuously share links to your blogs and newsletters, prompting users to visit your website. More traffic means more website visitors, increased product interactions, and increased sales.   

7. Marketing Effectiveness.

Marketing is a core business activity. Businesses must ensure they get their marketing right on whichever social network.  

With Twitter’s much customer data, your marketing team can create highly effective marketing strategies. More so, through Twitter analytics, your team can gain insight into the productivity of your marketing efforts. You can also predict trends related to your business and leverage them for conversion and sales.  


Although you can choose from diverse available social platforms, your priority should be the one that boosts your operations and customer experience. Twitter is helpful in this regard. With the factors highlighted in this article, you can tell if the platform is what you need or not.