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The Best Paid Jobs In The IT Industry


Currently, you can’t complain about the small number of positions in the IT industry, it is facing staff shortages. The demand for programmers has been high for many years and is constantly growing. The most desired are skilled and experienced specialists, but companies have problems with obtaining them. Contrary to appearances, it is not easy to become a sought-after programmer, it requires acquiring extensive knowledge, acquiring practice.

In the case of work in IT, we talk about the employee market. This means that employers are looking for employees, and IT specialists can choose from a variety of offers.

What are the best paid specializations in IT?

If someone dreams of getting a well-paid job, then he should think about working as an iOS developer, you can count on monthly earnings up to 4K $. Working for such a giant as Apple is a guarantee of great earnings. It is worth spending your time and money to specialize in creating a specific Apple ecosystem. Fluency in C and Swift will be key. You also cannot forget about UX and UI design. SAP consultants have very similar salaries, but it involves continuous learning, you need to have comprehensive knowledge of the latest modules and problems encountered. It is necessary to gain knowledge and experience in ERP software.

If someone wants to earn more than $4 000, then they should be interested in DevOps, which requires a holistic approach to the software development and administrative departments. Specialists aim to create the best software as quickly as possible. On average, 6 000$ per month can be earned as a software engineer who deals with pre-production analysis and determination of requirements for the program being created. The highest salary can be counted on an IT systems architect, his payment is 8 000 $. He is responsible for the complex preparation of software, dissecting it to the first factors, finding dependencies. In the case of junior positions, the highest salaries can count on PHP, JavaScript, Java, C / C + + and .NET programmers.

Why are the positions in IT so well paid?

Each person who began the adventure of programming, knows very well that it is a tedious and time-consuming process that seems to have no end. Learning takes years and practically never stops. All the time you need to educate yourself, deepen your knowledge, keep up with changes. Today, finding a qualified and experienced IT specialist is not an easy task. No wonder, then, that companies have problems with filling staff shortages. IT industry is famous for high salaries, so many people are thinking about entering the IT world. Unfortunately, it is not easy, especially since many employers require specialized studies in technical direction. This involves the need to spend many years studying, preparing for the profession. But it does not end there, the requirements for competence are growing. You should not limit yourself only to one specialization. However, we must remember that the constant need to develop skills is not an easy task, it takes a lot of time and consumes financial resources. Both soft and hard competencies are important, as well as being up to date with all the news that is constantly appearing in the IT industry.

The more languages a person speaks, the more attractive the salary will be. The salary also depends on what a person specializes in, even the place of employment matters. Currently, the demand is growing primarily for specialists in automation and robotics. From a person working in the IT department requires independence, good organization, communication skills, patience, readiness for change, the ability to draw conclusions, accuracy, taking the initiative, willingness to seek innovative solutions, openness to change. Numerous expectations mean that in order to find a good employee, you need to encourage him/her with an attractive salary. Only experience and implementation of numerous projects allow you to apply for a well-paid position. Currently, the IT industry has become a market of employee, companies must apply for him, strongly engage in the recruitment process, offer better conditions of employment.