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8 Office Supplies That Will Help Make Your Workplace More Efficient


Time is money, especially when you are running a small business or a startup. Efficiency is vital in the workplace, and as we continue to return to the physical workplace, we must have everything ready to keep things efficient.

With that in mind, let us take a look at a few office supplies that can make the workplace more efficient. 

1. Address Stamps.

Self-inking address stamps are perfect for the workplace. This type of address stamp does not need a separate ink pad. The stamp body contains the ink, and will auto inject the ink as you stamp on the paper. You can have personalized stamps to create a more professional look on your official documents and envelopes. Get as creative as you can when you personalize the stamps. However, avoid making things look too clumsy.

2. Label Maker.

Label makers have more demand in the packaging industry. So you better have one if your workplace is dealing with the same. You should also use them if you are in the delivery industry. 

Label makers can help you mark and label your packages accurately. Using them is much more convenient than doing everything by hand. It is also better and less wasteful than printing out the labels using a regular ink printer. 

3. Sticky Notes.

Sticky notes are perfect for giving quick reminders to you and your employees. You can also get them in different designs and styles to make the office desks look more appealing. 

4. Planners.

Get your employees planners for keeping track of their deadlines and schedules. Planners are perfect for doing all this in the sense that they are very structured and well-arranged. Your office employees can note down their daily objectives, and tick them off one by one when they are done. Planners will make sure everyone knows what they are supposed to do, and will always keep them on their toes.

5. Binders.

It is super easy to lose paper documents. Losing one important document means you have to look through countless piles of documents to find it. Things get easier if you use binders to organize all those documents.

The best part about binders is that you can label them to make things more efficient. You can use the label maker to make specific labels for all your binders and then organize the documents accordingly. Such binders will make life a lot easier for you and your employees. Whenever you are looking for a document, simply refer to the binder you associate it with. The document will be there (given that you do not misplace it).

6. Desk Organizer.

Office desks tend to get messy. Usually, messy desks are not a problem. However, there will always be that one day when you need to get things done in a hurry. And on that fateful day, people will somehow fail to be productive, mostly because they cannot find the right files or documents on their desks.

For that, set up desk organizers on your employees’ desks. They will not lose anything from their desks as long as they keep it back in their rightful place on the organizer. Apart from not losing anything, you will also find the desks to be a lot cleaner. And a clean environment is necessary to make the workplace more efficient and calming.

7. Paper Shredder.

Paper shredders are underrated. Many think that a person can do whatever a shredder can in just a few minutes. However, whereas a person is limited to only a few papers at a time, a shredder can tear through thousands of pages of paper in minutes. 

Paper shredders are vital to the workplace. Whenever you need to dispose of unnecessary documents, you can always turn to the shredder. 

8. Whiteboard and Markers.

At your workplace, you would want your employees and colleagues to know what they have to do for the day or week. You will often have to remind them about deadlines and assignments too. You can easily achieve all those things by having them keep notes of every single detail. However, to make things more efficient, consider having a whiteboard where you can chalk out everything that the office needs to prioritize. 

You can also use the board to keep track of weekly progress or things the office needs to purchase. It can work as a planner or general reminder board for everyone working at the office.

So stock up on these supplies, and watch as your workplace gets more efficient.



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