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8 Tips To Keep Your Business Operations Running 24/7


Are most of your clients located in a different time zone than your business? Are new clients finding it hard to reach you, especially after usual business hours? Do you want to increase your company’s profits? Then it’s time you consider making your company processes run 24/7. This way, operations go on despite the time of day or night efficiently. Wondering how to go about it?

This article will guide you on how to execute your 24/7 business operations accordingly. Read on:

1. Adopt The Right Technology.

The first step is analyzing all your business processes and identifying those that need human intervention and those that don’t.

Automate all operations that don’t require your workers’ input to run efficiently. There’s technology software available online, such as task scheduler software, that can ensure your operations run continuously without compromising the quality of the result. All that your team needs to do at the end of their working shift is program the software to carry out tasks. You can have one or two workers left behind in the office to monitor it for any possible issues.

2. Have Open Communication Channels.

Open communication channels allow your current and new clients to reach you even after usual working hours. Ensure you have an active website that includes your contact information, this way, you’re easily reachable. The addition of a live chat feature or automated email response forum could benefit your business greatly. The customer can communicate with the live chat feature and might get assistance without requiring your team to work 24/7. 

Consider including a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on your website where customers can seek solutions for problems they’re encountering with your products or services.

3. Hire Virtual Employees.

Having virtual employees on your team is a functional way of ensuring your business runs all the time. Let them acquire the skills that your team was trained for, so that you don’t need to worry about your in-house team working on long shifts, reducing their productivity. It would also be an advantage to have a virtual team from all over the world because of the different time zones, which means that the virtual team doesn’t necessarily have to be working overnight, depending on their location.

4. Schedule Employees’ Working Hours.

Come up with a working schedule for your team, where workers have different shifts, either night or day. This way, there’s no bias where only certain workers work during the day and others at night. Preferably adopt a software that can formulate schedules based on each team member’s work record to avoid workplace politics of possible favoritism in the allocation.

5. Allow Flexibility Of Working Hours.

The flexibility of working hours is an alternative to scheduling them, by allowing your workers to work when they want, as long as they work for the minimum required hours. This system provides room for the night owls to come in and work at night. Giving them this alternative also encourages work/life balance, which almost all employees are looking for.

6. Outsource Customer Support Services.

If your business doesn’t require you to run operations 24 hours a day, consider outsourcing a customer support service for your clients to reach you. With outsourced customer support, such as a call center, your customers can contact you regardless of the location and time zone.

Just ensure that the outsourced team is well-trained and knowledgeable with regards to your products and services for them to help and answer all your client’s queries.

7. Improve The Security Of Your Business.

Security might be one of the reasons your workers shy away from taking night shifts. They might be afraid of their safety as they work during odd business hours. Hire a competent security team and install CCTV cameras to ensure their safety as they execute their assigned tasks.

8. Increase Employees’ Morale.

Motivating your team, especially those that work at night, is an effective way of increasing their morale. Guarantee that night shifts are perceived as similar to day shifts with regards to benefits, opportunities, and respect. 

With such a favorable environment, those who’ll work at night will perform their duties with passion and positive productivity since they know that your organization also values them. 


As seen, running a business operation 24/7 isn’t a challenging step for your business to take.  Technology is the centerpiece of ensuring that operations run smoothly without your intervention. Therefore, it’s essential to invest in tools that suit your specific business needs. There’s no limit to what your organization can achieve with the proper equipment and worker support regarding growth, returns, and profits.