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Why Producing Professional Videos Can Help Your New Business Grow


If you are starting a new business and want to promote it to the masses, or potential investors, then you would do well to produce a visual reference point to help bring your product to a wider audience.

The tools available in 2021 to produce a compelling professional-grade video to promote your product or services are better, more easily, and cheaply sourced than ever before. This means you are in a prime position to make the most of the opportunity to do so.

Whatever it is that your business is involved in, there is clearly always going to be an end-user that you need to entice. You may also be keen to attract the attention of financial backers. Either way, you can help boost your chances of doing so by putting together a visual promotion of what you have to offer.

This may be in the form of an actual commercial or could be in the form of a high-level presentation; whatever function it serves, you’ll want the relevant visuals to be of the highest quality.

There are a number of additional aspects you can bring into the mix if you want to produce and promote this commercial video or company presentation that could greatly impact your bottom line.

Here are a few tips to help you.

Adopt Quality Stock Footage.

If you can’t afford to bring in a director or film crew to put together a promotional video, then you should consider instead using a quality stock footage company. The best players in this space offer thousands of video files that you can use to support your product push, and they can help to make your overall production appear far more professional.

For instance, you may operate out of your mom’s garage but want your company to speak on a grander scale. You can then use stock footage of a busy office space or a large skyscraper to give the impression of a more upscale outfit.

There are other, more subtle ways to use stock footage to help supplement your own recorded material, the two in combination helping to form a much more attractive display of your business and what it can offer to users.

Make Use of Royalty-Free Music.

To make your commercial really hit the spot, you’ll want to add an excellent musical accompaniment. Using royalty-free music services is a good, inexpensive way to do this, as frankly, the possibility of getting the license to a big hit isn’t going to be within your budget.

You can use royalty-free music to front your entire campaign, be that the audio score for your video or indeed any promotional tools you use to push it.

For example, you may look to push teaser videos on social media channels and want an intro that grabs the viewer’s attention; here is where royalty-free music can be of great help.

Professional Editing Services.

You may choose to edit the video you shoot yourself, and with that in mind, you should seek out a professional-grade editing service, preferably one that is easy for a beginner to get their head around. Here you can utilize the effects of the previous two tips above. This will be more financially viable than hiring an editor.

Make Your Videos Short and to the Point.

Don’t overdo it. There’s no need to shoot a magnum opus; you shouldn’t treat your professional video as a vanity project. The attention span of the typical individual is reducing year on year, and you can’t afford to over-explain what it is you have to offer.

Keep the messaging short and simple, and try to be creative in your intent. Being subtle doesn’t have much of a part to play in your opening promotional video efforts. Still, it can, of course, become more relevant once your business is more well-known and recognizable.

Promote Your Video Wisely.

Once the video is in the can – not literally – you should turn the focus of your attention to promoting it in the most effective way possible. This is actually one of the trickier aspects of the process. In fact, doing so efficiently and with a view to achieving demonstrable benefits might be harder than putting together the video itself.

Depending on your product or service, you’ll need to be very aware of your target audience and then develop a plan of action as to how to gear your promotional activities in a way that gets your video in front of the correct people. In other words, viewers who have financial worth to you and your business.

Using visual tools to promote your business is something of a no-brainer. It’s vital in the age we live in, where we consume so much via our mobile devices, and if done well it could be the lifeblood your organization needs in order to thrive and grow.