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How Microsoft Office 365 Supports The Startup Company


Startups have a lot on their plate. They not only need to ensure product-market fit but also scale and consolidate their business in real-time. As a result, startups can easily stretch their resources too thin by focusing on every aspect of growing a business. Having a proven data infrastructure and IT stack can help founders focus on their core operation.

Microsoft Office 365 has been built to empower young companies to aim higher by taking advantage of Microsoft’s enterprise-grade solutions.

1. Built for growth.

When you’re looking to grow rapidly, you look to maintain a lean workflow, and your cost low. Microsoft Office 365 helps in both ways. As a product, it has positioned itself as a no-fuss option for founders, co-founders, and managers to dive deep and fast.

The cloud-based approach is now one of the most effective options and Office’s focus on putting the most important services in the front, helps startups tweak their growth.

2. The Office familiarity.

Microsoft Office 365 creates a low barrier of entry for users. In a way, this might seem like an extension of the previous point, but the familiarity of the Office infrastructure is a compelling enough feature for startups to use it.

Small companies don’t need to train their employees extensively when they subscribe to the Microsoft ecosystem. The classic apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive have simple and familiar UI to start working immediately.

3. An app for every service.

Each startup is different in its own way and that’s why a cookie-cutter solution doesn’t work in the business world.

Apart from the classic apps, Microsoft Office 365 comes with a host of new apps and integration to take productivity to the next level. New apps such as Microsoft Teams, Power BI, To Do, Yammer, SharePoint, Viva, and Intune allow startups to customize their workflow to fit their goals.

4. Secure.

Cyber-attacks have grown in the remote work environment and it’s only going to get bigger in the coming days. Enterprises can afford the budget to roll out extensive security measures which leave startups and SMBs in a vulnerable position.

However, Microsoft’s “security first” DNA brings enterprise-grade solutions to smaller companies. Microsoft Defender has grown rapidly. It proactively hunts threats and gets regular patches to keep systems secure.

5. Flexible plans.

Thanks to the flexibility and freedom provided by Microsoft, startups can choose the plan that suits them the most. If core apps in desktop versions are all you need, you can go with 2019 Office 365 with a one-time license. If you’re planning to scale with cloud platforms, Microsoft 365 will be the better choice. Even within Microsoft 365, business plans have four tiers starting as low as $5/month.

Microsoft experts to support startup companies.

The Microsoft ecosystem is conducive to startup growth but it’s important to know the right platforms and solutions you’ll need for your business. A Microsoft expert like MyTek can help you choose the right services and help maintain the security and hosting solutions to scale your company. Get in touch with us today to know how we can help you.



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